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The MRC Centre of Medical Mycology (MRC CMM) welcomes applications from postgraduate research (PGR) students, post-doctoral researchers, medical students and clinicians wishing to pursue research questions, gain invaluable experience in cutting edge technologies and experimental design, or to obtain focused training in specific research areas within medical mycology

Research and Training Visits

Research and Training Visits

You will have the opportunity to work with our specialist multidisciplinary team in a world-leading centre of excellence in the field for a period of up to twelve months including access to an academic mentor and state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research facilities.   

Please note that this is a self-funded opportunity. Students will be hosted as visiting students and post-doctoral researchers and clinicians will be hosted by an honorary appointment.  Applicants will be expected to cover the tuition fees (students only), bench fees and living costs while at the university (please refer to table below). We will have a limited number of spaces available.

All opportunities, apart from summer student applicants, are normally up to a maximum of a 12-month continuous period.

We can offer this opportunity to the following people:

PGR Students

PGR students who are registered at another higher education institution either in the UK or abroad, who wish to study and/or undertake research at the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology as part of a degree qualification at their home institution.  

Summer Students

Medical students who want to experience laboratory research at the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology for a maximum duration of 10 weeks.

Post-doctoral researchers

Post-doctoral researchers who are staff in their home institution either in the UK or abroad, and who wish to undertake specific research at the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology to gain experience in unique techniques and/or experimental design.

Clinicians and Clinical Trainees

Clinicians and Clinical Trainees aiming to pursue a career as clinical academic and who are staff in their home institution, and who wish to undertake research at the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology and/or gain experience in laboratory research. If the visit is part of a degree qualification at the home institution, registration as a PGR student at the University of Exeter is required.

Expression of interest Process

Your initial application should be to the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology. You need to contact one of the Principal Investigators (PI) to discuss the aim of your visit and have her/his confirmation to act as the academic mentor/sponsor for your application.  

Please complete the expression of interest form below. Please ensure your form and any correspondence is titled ‘Visiting Researcher Application’. Please ensure your application includes information regarding: (i) your current Lab/Institution/Supervisory team; (ii) your prosoped dates for the stay (it takes serveal weeks for Admin process to be completed) ; and (iii) funding support you have to cover the stary and associated fees (both University, for stays >43 months) and at teh MRC CMM (for any related lab work ).

Once completed, your expression of interest will be submitted to the Centre and will be reviewed by the Centre Directors. Feedback will be provided within 6 weeks after submission. If the application has been reviewed favourably, an outline of the project and/or training needs to be drafted and agreed on with the academic mentor. This outline needs to align with the requirements set by the University of Exeter for visiting students if applicable.

Any enquiries on your application should be sent to:

If your application is successful, the following links will give you information on the University’s procedures and requirements:

For PGR students and medical students, the process follows the University policy for Visiting Postgraduate Research Students Policy and Procedures.

The University’s standard admissions requirements can be found here:

For Post-doctoral researchers and clinicians who are staff in their home institute:

Applicant cost implications:

Tuition Fee (Students)

For information on tuition fees please visit:

Visiting Postgraduate Research Students Policy and Procedures.

Bench Fee (All)

To meet the costs for basic consumables, a minimum monthly fee of £300 will be charged.

*Additional bench fees might need to be covered if a specific project is carried out or specific equipment to be used.

The costs can be paid be either the visitor or the academic mentor but must be formally agreed before approval for the visit is granted. Alternative options are for the visitor to apply for funding to meet the costs associated with the research visit.

Living Costs (All)

Applicants will need to ensure they can cover their living costs while at the Centre for Medical Mycology.

Expression of interest form:

* Fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory