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EClinicalMedicine October 2023 Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccination for protection against recurrent herpes labialis: a nested randomised controlled trial

Pittet LF, Moore CL, McDonald E, Barry S, Bonten M, Campbell J, Croda J, Dalcolmo M, Davidson A, Douglas MW, Gardiner K, Gwee A, Jardim B, Lacerda MVG, Lucas M, Lynn DJ, Manning L, de Oliveira RD, Perrett KP, Prat-Aymerich C, Richmond PC, Rocha JL, Rodriguez-Baño J, Warris A, Wood NJ, Messina NL, Curtis N; BRACE Trial Consortium Group.

Cell October 2023 Marcin J Suskiewicz, Evgeniia Prokhorova, Johannes G M Rack, Ivan Ahel

Marcin J Suskiewicz, Evgeniia Prokhorova, Johannes G M Rack, Ivan Ahel

ACS Infectious Diseases October 2023 Improved Antibacterial Activity of 1,3,4-Oxadiazole-Based Compounds That Restrict Staphylococcus aureus Growth Independent of LtaS Function

Edward J. A. Douglas, Brandon Marshall, Arwa Alghamadi, Erin A. Joseph, Seána Duggan, Serena Vittorio, Laura De Luca, Michaela Serpi, and Maisem Laabei

PLOS Pathogens October 2023 Candida glabrata: A powerhouse of resistance

Duggan S, Usher J

mBio September 2023 Dynamic calcium-mediated stress response and recovery signatures in the fungal pathogen, Candida albicans

C. V. Giuraniuc, C. Parkin, M. C. Almeida, M. Fricke, P. Shadmani, S. Nye, S. Wehmeier, S. Chawla, T. Bedekovic, L. Lehtovirta-Morley, D. M. Richards, N. A. Gow, A. C. Brand

Microbiology spectrum September 2023 Emergence of cryptic species and clades of Meyerozyma guilliermondii species complex exhibiting limited in vitro susceptibility to antifungals in patients with candidemia

Elaine Cristina Francisco, Felipe de Camargo Ribeiro, João Nobrega Almeida Junior, Diego Betto Pedoni, Daniel Archimedes da Matta, Maribel Dolande, Analy Salles de Azevedo Melo, Ricardo Ferreira Lima, Valério Rodrigues Aquino, Dora E Corzo-León, Jeannete Zurita , Jorge Alberto Cortes, Marcio Nucci, Arnaldo Lopes Colombo

Eye September 2023 Antifungal susceptibility profiles for fungal isolates from corneas and contact lenses in the United Kingdom.

Tuft S, Stone NRH, Burton MJ, Johnson EM, Borman AM.

Thorax September 2023 COVID-19-associated pulmonary aspergillosis in mechanically ventilated patients: a prospective, multicentre UK study

William Hurt, Jonathan Youngs, Jonathan Ball, Jonathan Edgeworth, Philip Hopkins, David R Jenkins, Susannah Leaver, Andrea Mazzella, Síle F Molloy, Silke Schelenz, Matt P Wise, P Lewis White, Hakeem Yusuff, Duncan Wyncoll, Tihana Bicanic

Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology September 2023 Detailed characterisation of invasive aspergillosis in a murine model of X-linked chronic granulomatous disease shows new insights in infections caused by Aspergillus fumigatus versus Aspergillus nidulans.

King J, Dambuza IM, Reid DM, Yuecel R, Brown GD, Warris A.

Trends in Microbiology September 2023 Rhizopus arrhizus

Dora E Corzo-León, Jessie K Uehling, Elizabeth R Ballou

Hum Vaccin Immunother August 2023 Safety of BCG vaccination and revaccination in healthcare workers.

Villanueva P, Crawford NW, Garcia Croda M, Collopy S, Araújo Jardim B, de Almeida Pinto Jardim T, Marshall H, Prat-Aymerich C, Sawka A, Sharma K, Troeman D, Wadia U, Warris A, Wood N, Messina NL, Curtis N, Pittet LF.

Emerging Infectious Diseases August 2023 Outbreak of NDM-1– and OXA-181–Producing Klebsiella pneumoniae Bloodstream Infections in a Neonatal Unit, South Africa

Rindidzani E. Magobo, Husna Ismail, Michelle Lowe, Wilhelmina Strasheim, Ruth Mogokotleng, Olga Perovic, Stanford Kwenda, Arshad Ismail, Manala Makua, Abram Bore, Rose Phayane, Harishia Naidoo, Tanya Dennis, Makhosazane Ngobese, Wim Wijnant, Nelesh P. Govender

Clinical Microbiology and Infection August 2023 Impact of prior cryptococcal antigen screening on in-hospital mortality in cryptococcal meningitis or fungaemia among HIV-seropositive individuals in South Africa: a cross-sectional observational study

Olivier Paccoud, Liliwe Shuping, Rudzani Mashau, Greg Greene, Vanessa Quan, Susan Meiring, Nelesh P. Govender

Current Clinical Microbiology Reports July 2023 Conserved and Divergent Features of pH Sensing in Major Fungal Pathogens

Shadab Farhadi Cheshmeh Morvari, Bethany L. McCann & Elaine M. Bignell

Cell Surface July 2023 Strain and temperature dependent aggregation of Candida auris is attenuated by inhibition of surface amyloid proteins.

Malavia-Jones D, Farrer RA, Stappers MHT, Edmondson MB, Borman AM, Johnson EM, Lipke PN, Gow NAR.

Science Advances July 2023 Citizen science reveals landscape-scale exposures to multiazole-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus bioaerosols

Shelton, JMG; Rhodes, J; Uzzell, CB; Hemmings, S; Brackin, AP; Sewell, TR; Alghamdi,; Dyer, PS; Fraser, M; Borman, AM; Johnson, EM ; Piel, FB; Singer, AC; Fisher, MC]

Discovery Immunology July 2023 Comparative phenotype of circulating versus tissue immune cells in human lung and blood compartments during health and disease

Stefano A P Colombo, Sheila L Brown, Matthew R Hepworth, Jenny Hankinson, Felice Granato, Semra J Kitchen, Tracy Hussell, Angela Simpson, Peter C Cook, Andrew S MacDonald

Medical Mycology July 2023 Epidemiology and susceptibility of Nakaseomyces (formerly Candida) glabrata bloodstream isolates from hospitalised adults in South Africa

Serisha D. Naicker, Liliwe Shuping, Thokozile G. Zulu, Ruth S. Mpembe, Mabatho Mhlanga, Ernest M. Tsotetsi, Tsidiso G. Maphanga and Nelesh P. Govender

Fungal Biology Reviews July 2023 Nutritional requirements of the human pathogenic fungus, Trichophyton rubrum, and nutritional immunity of the human skin as barrier against colonization

Oliver Blechert, Shuzhen Xiong, Jingjing Chen, Alexandra C. Brand, Ping Zhan

Nature Microbiology July 2023 Why I care about Cryptococcus neoformans

Mukaremera, Liliane

Molecular Plant Pathology June 2023 Comparison of the impact of two key fungal signalling pathways on Zymoseptoria tritici infection reveals divergent contribution to invasive growth through distinct regulation of infection‐associated genes.

Child HT, Deeks MJ, Rudd JJ, Bates S

Nature Communications June 2023 Serine ADP-ribosylation in Drosophila provides insights into the evolution of reversible ADP-ribosylation signalling

Pietro Fontana, Sara C. Buch-Larsen, Osamu Suyari, Rebecca Smith, Marcin J. Suskiewicz, Kira Schützenhofer, Antonio Ariza, Johannes Gregor Matthias Rack, Michael L. Nielsen & Ivan Ahel

PLOS Pathogens May 2023 Unmasking a fungal fire

Ivy M. Dambuza, Adilia Warris, Fabián Salazar

FEMS Yeast Research May 2023 Malassezia sympodialis Mala s 1 allergen is a potential KELCH protein that cross reacts with human skin

Dora E Corzo Leon, Annika Scheynius, Donna M MacCallum, Carol A Munro

Mycology May 2023 Heightened Efficacy of Anidulafungin When Used in Combination with Manogepix or 5-Flucytosine against Candida auris In Vitro

Larissa L.H. John, Darren D. Thomson, Tihana Bicanic , Martin Hoenigl, Alistair J.P. Brown, Thomas S. Harrison, Elaine M. Bignell

Microbiology Spectrum May 2023 Development of Negative Controls for Fc-C-Type Lectin Receptor Probes

Rémi Hatinguais, Madalaine Kay, Fabián Salazar, Daniel P. Conn, David L. Williams, Peter C. Cook, Janet A. Willment, Gordon D. Brown

bioRxiv May 2023 Strain and temperature dependent aggregation of Candida auris is attenuated by inhibition of surface amyloid proteins.

Malavia-Jones, D., Farrer, R.A., , Stappers, M.H.T., Edmondson, M.B., Borman, A.M. Johnson, E.M., Lipke, P.N. & Gow, N.A.R.

Current Clinical Microbiology Reports April 2023 Is There a Relationship Between Mating and Pathogenesis in Two Human Fungal Pathogens, Candida albicans and Candida glabrata?

Tina Bedekovic & Jane Usher

bioRxiv April 2023 Dynamic calcium-mediated stress response and recovery signatures in the fungal pathogen, Candida albicans.

Giuraniuc CV, Parkin C, Almeida MC, Fricker M, Nye S, Shadmani P, Chawla S, Wehmeier S, Bedekovic T, Lee KK, Lehtovirta-Morley L, Richards D, Gow NAR & Brand AC.

Trends in Microbiology April 2023 Microbe of the month: Rhizopus arrhizus.

Corzo-León, DE, Uehling, JK, Ballou ER.

Microbial genomics April 2023 Comparing genomic variant identification protocols for Candida auris.

Li X, Muñoz JF, Gade L, Argimon S, Bougnoux ME, Bowers JR, Chow NA, Cuesta I, Farrer RA, Maufrais C, Monroy-Nieto J, Pradhan D, Uehling J, Vu D, Yeats CA, Aanensen DM, d'Enfert C, Engelthaler DM, Eyre DW, Fisher MC, Hagen F, Meyer W, Singh G, Alastruey-Izquierdo A, Litvintseva AP, Cuomo CA.

Open Forum Infectious Diseases April 2023 Chromoblastomycosis treated with posaconazole and adjunctive imiquimod: lending innate immunity a helping hand

C Logan, M Singh, N Fox, G Brown, S Krishna, K Gordon, D Macallan, T Bicanic

Nature Communications April 2023 Pulmonary inflammation promoted by type-2 dendritic cells is a feature of human and murine schistosomiasis

E. L. Houlder, A. H. Costain, I. Nambuya, S. L. Brown J. P. R. Koopman, M. C. C. Langenberg, J. J. Janse, M. A. Hoogerwerf, A. J. L. Ridley, J. E. Forde-Thomas, S. A. P. Colombo, B. M. F. Winkel, A. A. Galdon,K. F. Hoffmann, P. C. Cook, M. Roestenberg, H. Mpairwe & A. S. MacDonald

Journal of Clinical Microbiology March 2023 Name Changes for Fungi of Medical Importance, 2020 to 2021.

Borman AM, Johnson EM.

Cell Host and Microb March 2023 Getaway car: Fungal HscA steers human phagosomal p11 into an escape route

Emma Camacho, Carolina Coelho

Medical Mycology March 2023 Neonatal invasive candidiasis in low-and-middle-income countries: data from the NeoOBS study

Aislinn Cook, Laura Ferreras-Antolin, Bethou Adhisivam, Daynia Ballot, James A Berkley, Paola Bernaschi, Cristina G Carvalheiro, Napaporn Chaikittisuk, Yunsheng Chen, Vindana Chibabhai, Shweta Chitkara, Sara Chiurchiu, Elisavet Chorafa, Tran Minh Dien, Angela Dramowski, Samantha Faria de Matos, Jinxing Feng, Daniel Jarovsky, Ravinder Kaur, Warunee Khamjakkaew, Premsak Laoyookhong, Edwin Machanja, Marisa M Mussi-Pinhata, Flavia Namiiro, Gita Natraj, Hakka Naziat, Hoang Thi Bich Ngoc, Claude Ondongo-Ezhet, Kanchana Preedisripipat, Hafizur Rahman, Amy Riddell, Emmanuel Roilides, Neal Russell, Apurba S Sastry, Hannington Baluku Tasimwa, Ji Tongzhen, Jeannette Wadula, Yajuan Wang, Andrew Whitelaw, Dan Wu, Varsha Yadav, Gao Yang, Wolfgang Stohr, Julia Anna Bielicki, Sally Ellis, Adilia Warris, Paul T Heath, Michael Sharland

Trends in Pharmacological Sciences March 2023 Developing novel antifungals: lessons from G protein-coupled receptors

Vaithish Velazhahan, Bethany L. McCann, Elaine Bignell, Christopher G. Tate

Plos Pathogens February 2023 The Cryptococcus wall: A different wall for a unique lifestyle

Liliane Mukaremera

Clinical infectious diseases February 2023 Association of Antibody Immunity With Cryptococcal Antigenemia and Mortality in a South African Cohort With Advanced Human Immunodeficiency Virus Disease

Hyunah Yoon, Rachel M Wake, Antonio S Nakouzi, Tao Wang, Ilir Agalliu, Caroline T Tiemessen, Nelesh P Govender, Joseph N Jarvis, Thomas S Harrison, Liise-anne Pirofski

Virulence February 2023 Pathogenicity and virulence of Aspergillus fumigatus

Kayleigh Earle, Clara Valero, Daniel P. Conn, George Vere, Peter C. Cook, Michael J. Bromley, Paul Bowyer & Sara Gago

Adv Exp Med Biol. 2023;1404:253-268 February 2023 The Viable but Non-Culturable (VBNC) State in Vibrio Species: Why Studying the VBNC State Now Is More Exciting than Ever

Sariqa Wagley

Parasite Immunol. 2023 Feb;45(2):e12953 February 2023 Emerging and re-emerging fungal threats in Africa

Rachael Dangarembizi, Sean Wasserman, Jennifer Claire Hoving

Parasite Immunol February 2023 Fungal resilience and host-pathogen interactions: Future perspectives and opportunities

Alistair J P Brown

Journal of Fungi January 2023 Chitin Biosynthesis in Aspergillus Species

Brauer VS, Pessoni AM, Freitas MS, Cavalcanti-Neto MP, Ries LNA, Almeida F

Microbiology January 2023 Triclosan-resistant small-colony variants of Staphylococcus aureus produce less capsule, less phenol-soluble modulins, and are attenuated in a Galleria mellonella model of infection.

Altwiley D, Brignoli T, Duggan S, Massey RC.

Parasite immunology January 2023 Fungal pathogens: The underappreciated parasites that are now in the spotlight

Peter Cook and Rebecca Drummond

Mbio January 2023 Analysis of Pneumocystis Transcription Factor Evolution and Implications for Biology and Lifestyle

Ryan Ames, Alistair J. P. Brown, Ivana Gudelj, and Olga A. Nev

Microbiology Spectrum January 2023 The Candida glabrata Parent Strain Trap: How Phenotypic Diversity Affects Metabolic Fitness and Host Interactions.

Jane Usher, Gabriela F. Ribeiro, Delma S. Childers

Medical Mycology January 2023 Nystatin is commonly prescribed as prophylaxis in children beyond the neonatal age.

Jayawardena-Thabrew H, Warris A; PASOAP Group; Ferreras-Antolin

PNAS January 2023 Two-speed genome evolution drives pathogenicity in fungal pathogens of animals

Theresa Wacker, Nicolas Helmstetter, Duncan Wilson, Matthew C. Fisher, David J. Studholme, and Rhys A. Farrer.

Infection and Immunity January 2023 Aspergillus fumigatus Drives Tissue Damage via Iterative Assaults upon Mucosal Integrity and Immune Homeostasis

Okaa, Uju Joy; Bertuzzi, Margherita; Fortune-Grant, Rachael; Thomson, Darren D.; Moyes, David L.; Naglik, Julian R.; Bignell, Elaine.



eLife December 2022 Human Dectin-1 is O-glycosylated and serves as a ligand for C-type lectin receptor CLEC-2

Shojiro Haji, Taiki Ito, Carla Guenther, Miyako Nakano, Takashi Shimizu, Daiki Mori, Yasunori Chiba, Masato Tanaka, Sushil K Mishra, Janet A Willment, Gordon D Brown, Masamichi Nagae, Sho Yamasaki

Medical Mycology, Dec 2022 The importance of appropriate processing and direct microscopic examination for the timely diagnosis and management of invasive infections caused by filamentous fungi

Borman Andrew M., Mohammed, Shakeel; Palmer, Michael D.; Childs, Nicola; Johnson Elizabeth M.

Journal of Fungi November 2022 Serum Beta-D-Glucan in the Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Disease in Neonates, Children and Adolescents: A Critical Analysis of Current Data.

Ferreras-Antolin L, Borman A, Diederichs A, Warris A, Lehrnbecher T

Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy November 2022 Liposomal amphotericin B-the present

Maertens J, Pagano L, Azoulay E, Warris A.J

Journal of Clinical Investigation November 2022 Human Dectin-1 deficiency impairs macrophage-mediated defense against phaeohyphomycosis

Drummond RA, Desai JV, Hsu AP, Oikonomou V, Vinh DC, Acklin JA, Abers MS, Walkiewicz MA, Anzick SL, Swamydas M, Vautier S, Natarajan M, Oler AJ, Yamanaka D, Mayer-Barber KD, Iwakura Y, Bianchi D, Driscoll B, Hauck K, Kline A, Viall NS, Zerbe CS, Ferré EM, Schmitt MM, DiMaggio T, Pittaluga S, Butman JA, Zelazny AM, Shea YR, Arias CA, Ashbaugh C, Mahmood M, Temesgen Z, Theofiles AG, Nigo M, Moudgal V, Bloch KC, Kelly SG, Whitworth MS, Rao G, Whitener CJ, Mafi N, Gea-Banacloche J, Kenyon LC, Miller WR, Boggian K, Gilbert A, Sincock M, Freeman AF, Bennett JE, Hasbun R, Mikelis CM, Kwon-Chung KJ, Belkaid Y, Brown GD, Lim JK, Kuhns DB, Holland SM, Lionakis MS

Anribiotics November 2022 Synergistic Interaction of Caspofungin Combined with Posaconazole against FKS Wild-Type and Mutant Candida auris Planktonic Cells and Biofilms.

Balla N, Kovács F, Balázs B, Borman AM, Bozó A, Jakab Á, Tóth Z, Kobaissi O, Majoros L, Kovács

Pediatric Dermatology, Nov 2022 Disseminated Bisifusarium infection following toxic epidermal necrolysis in a child with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Brent G, Abdul-Wahab A, Borman AM, Ferguson L, Ferreras-Antolin L, Ho B, Johnson EM, Mashhoudi Y, van Rijswijk E, Wijesuriya N, Mansoor N

Fungal Genetics and Biology, Nov 2022 Distinct roles for different autophagy-associated genes in the virulence of the fungal wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici

Child HT, Deeks MJ, Haynes K, Rudd JJ, Bates S

Medical Teacher, Nov 2022 A narrative review of course evaluation methods for continuing professional development: The case of paediatric and neonatal acute-care in-service courses in low and lower-middle income countries: BEME Guide No. 76

Alison Gifford, Rune Philemon, Jay Halbert, Eleanor J. Hothersall, Rebecca Inglis, Jo Hart, Lucie Byrne-Davis, Joanna Thirsk, Hugh Gifford, Rachel Howells, Shona Weetch, Katie Prentice, Andy Jackson & Martin Kirkpatrick

The Cell Surface, Nov 2022 The nature of the fungal cargo induces significantly different temporal programmes of macrophage phagocytosis

Alonso, M, F, Bain, J.M., Rudkin, F.M., Erwig, L.P., Brown, A.P.J., Gow, N.A.R

Nature Reviews Microbiology, Nov 2022 Architecture of the dynamic fungal cell wall

Gow, N.A.R. & Lenardon, M.D.

The Cell Surface November 2022 Ending the (cell) wall metaphor in microbiology

Casadevall, A. & Gow, N.A.R.

Cell October 2022 TREM2 drives microglia response to amyloid-β via SYK-dependent and -independent pathways

Wang S, Sudan R, Peng V, Zhou Y, Du S, Yuede CM, Lei T, Hou J, Cai Z, Cella M, Nguyen K, Poliani PL, Beatty WL, Chen Y, Cao S, Lin K, Rodrigues C, Ellebedy AH, Gilfillan S, Brown GD, Holtzman DM, Brioschi S, Colonna M

Trials October 2022 Experiences of the Data Monitoring Committee for the RECOVERY trial, a large-scale adaptive platform randomised trial of treatments for patients hospitalised with COVID-19.

Sandercock PAG, Darbyshire J, DeMets D, Fowler R, Lalloo DG, Munavvar M, Staplin N, Warris A, Wittes J, Emberson JR

The Cell Surface, Oct 2022 Impact of changes at the Candida albicans cell surface upon immunogenicity and colonisation in the gastrointestinal tract

Gabriela M. Avelar, Ivy M. Dambuza, Liviana Ricci, Raif Yuecel, Kevin Mackenzie, Delma S. Childers, Judith M. Bain, Arnab Pradhan, Daniel E. Larcombe, Mihai G. Netea, Lars P. Erwig, Gordon D. Brown, Sylvia H. Duncan, Neil A.R. Gow, Alan W. Walker, Alistair J.P. Brown,

Mycology, Oct 2022 Nature of β-1,3-Glucan-Exposing Features on Candida albicans Cell Wall and Their Modulation

Leandro José de Assis Judith M. Bain, Corin Liddle, Ian Leaves, Christian Hacker, Roberta Peres da Silva, Raif Yuecel, Attila Bebes, David Stead, Delma S. Childers, Arnab Pradhan, Kevin Mackenzie, Katherine Lagree, Daniel E. Larcombe, Qinxi Ma, Gabriela Mol Avelar, Mihai G. Netea, Lars P. Erwig, Aaron P. Mitchell, Gordon D. Brown, Neil A. R. Gow, Alistair J. P. Brown

microLife, Sept 2022 Cryptococcus neoformans releases proteins during intracellular residence that affect the outcome of the fungal–macrophage interaction

Eric H Jung, Yoon-Dong Park, Quigly Dragotakes, Lia S Ramirez, Daniel Q Smith, Flavia C G Reis, Amanda Dziedzic, Marcio L Rodrigues, Rosanna P Baker, Peter R Williamson, Anne Jedlicka, Arturo Casadevall, Carolina Coelho

G3, Sept 2022 The Future of Fungi: Threats and Opportunities

Case, N.T, Berman, J., Blehert, D.S., Cramer, R.A., Cuomo, C.A., Currie, C.R., Ene, I.V., Fisher, M.C., Fritz-Laylin, L.K., Gerstein, A.C., N. Glass, N.L., Gow, N.A.R., Gurr, S.J., Hittinger, C.T., Hohl, T.M., Iliev, I.D. , James, T.Y., Hailing Jin, Klein, B.S., Kronstad, J.W., Lorch, J.M., McGovern, V., Mitchell, A.P., Segre, J.A., Shapiro, R.S., Sheppard, D.C., Sil, A., Stajich, J.E., Stukenbrock, E.E., Taylor, J.W., Thompson, D., Wright, J.D., Heitman, J., & Cowen, L.E

Parasite Immunology, Sept 2022 C-type lectin receptors in antifungal immunity: Current knowledge and future developments

Remi Hatinguais, Janet A. Willment, Gordon D. Brown

Nature Communication September 2022 The importance of antimicrobial resistance in medical mycology

Neil A. R. Gow, Carolyn Johnson, Judith Berman, Alix T. Coste, Christina A. Cuomo, David S. Perlin, Tihana Bicanic, Thomas S. Harrison, Nathan Wiederhold, Mike Bromley, Tom Chiller & Keegan Edgar

Annual review of Pathology, Sept 2022 The intracellular life of Cryptococcus neoformans

Carolina Coelho, Anamelia L Bocca, Arturo Casadevall

Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, Sept 2022 Distinct Cohorts of Aspergillus fumigatus Transcription Factors Are Required for Epithelial Damage Occurring via Contact- or Soluble Effector-Mediated Mechanisms

Sayema Rahman, Norman van Rhijn, Panagiotis Papastamoulis, Darren D. Thomson, Zorana Carter, Rachael Fortune-Grant, Magnus Rattray, Michael John Bromley and Elaine Bignell

Parasite Immunology, Sept 2022 C-type lectin receptors in antifungal immunity: current knowledge and future developments

Remi Hatinguais, Janet A. Willment, Gordon D. Brown

Microbiology Spectrum, July 2022 In Vitro Antifungal Activity of Manogepix and Other Antifungal Agents against South African Candida auris Isolates from Bloodstream Infections

Maphanga, T. G., Mpembe, R. S., Naicker S. D., Govender, N. P.

PLOS NTDs, July 2022 Molecular type distribution and fluconazole susceptibility of clinical Cryptococcus gattii isolates from South African laboratory-based surveillance, 2005–2013

Naicker S. D., Firacative, C., Erika van Schalkwyk1, Maphanga, T. G., Monroy-Nieto, J., Bowers, J. R., Engelthaler, D. M., Meyer, W., Govender, N. P.

The Lancet Global Health, July 2022 Culture-confirmed neonatal bloodstream infections and meningitis in South Africa, 2014–19: a cross-sectional study

Mashau, R.C., Meiring, S. T., Dramowski, A., Magobo, R. E., Quan, V. C., Perovic, O., von Gottberg, A., Cohen, C., Velaphi, S., van Schalkwyk, E., Govender, N. P.

The Lancet Infectious Diseases, July 2022 Outcomes of flucytosine-containing combination treatment for cryptococcal meningitis in a South African national access programme: a cross-sectional observational study

Mashau, R.C., Meiring, S. T., Quan, V. C., Nel, J., Greene, G. S., Garcia, A., Menezes, C., Reddy, D. L., Venter, M., Stacey, S., Madua, M., Boretti, L., Harrison, T.S., Meintjes, G., Shroufi, A., Trivino-Duran, L., Black, J., Govender, N. P.

Frontiers in Immunology, July 2022 Dynamics of Host Immune Response Development During Schistosoma mansoni Infection.

Costain AH, Phythian-Adams AT, Colombo SAP, Marley AK, Owusu C, Cook PC, Brown SL, Webb LM, Lundie RJ, Smits HH, Berriman M and MacDonald AS

Plos Pathogens, July 2022 Fungal-mediated lung allergic airway disease: The critical role of macrophages and dendritic cells

Furlong-Silva J, Cook PC.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences July 2022 Bacillus Calmette–Guérin-Induced Human Mast Cell Activation Relies on IL-33 Priming

Garcia-Rodriguez, K.M.; Goenka, A.; Thomson, D.D.; Bahri, R.; Tontini, C.; Salcman, B.; Hernandez-Pando, R.; Bulfone-Paus, S.

Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, July 2022 Hyperammonaemic encephalopathy following bariatric surgery: A case of a potentially life-threatening delayed complication

Ward, E., Gifford, H., Botros, S. & Hughes, C.

Microbiology Spectrum, July 2022 Wall Teichoic Acids Facilitate the Release of Toxins from the Surface of Staphylococcus aureus

Brignoli, T., Douglas, E., Duggan, S., Fagunloye, O.G., Adhikari, R., Javad Aman, M. and Massey, R.C.

Frontiers in Fungal Biology, July 2022 NIH4215: A mutation-prone thiamine auxotrophic clinical Aspergillus fumigatus isolate

Peres da Silva, R and Brock, M

Journal of Fungi July 2022 Understanding the Role of Nitronate Monooxygenases in Virulence of the Human Fungal Pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus

Nguyen, P.T., Wacker, T., Brown, A.J., da Silva Dantas, A. and Shekhova, E.

Fungal Genetics and Biology, July 2022 Exploring a novel genomic safe-haven site in the human pathogenic mould Aspergillus fumigatus

Takanori Furukawa, Norman van Rhijn, Harry Chown, Johanna Rhodes, Narjes Alfuraji, Rachael Fortune-Grant, Elaine Bignell, Matthew C. Fisher, Michael Bromley,

Journal of Hospital Infection, June 2022 First experience of implementing Candida auris Real Time PCR for surveillance in the UK: detection of multiple introductions with two international clades and improved patient outcomes

Taori SK, Rhodes J, Khonyongwa K, Szendroi A, Smith M, Borman AM, Kumarage J, Brown CS, Moore G, Desai N.

Methods Mol Biol, June 2022 The Use of Galleria mellonella Larvae to Study the Pathogenicity and Clonal Lineage-Specific Behaviors of the Emerging Fungal Pathogen Candida auris

Borman AM.

Methods Mol Bio, June 2022 Susceptibility Testing of Candida auris Isolates

Johnson EM, Borman AM.

Mycoses, June 2022 Drug repurposing against Candida auris: A systematic review

Izadi A, Aghaei Gharehbolagh S, Sadeghi F, Talebi M, Darmiani K, Zarrinnia A, Zarei F, Peymaeei F, Khojasteh S, Borman AM, Mahmoudi S.

Journal of Fungi, June 2022 In Vivo Efficacy of Amphotericin B against Four Candida auris Clades

Forgács L, Borman AM, Kovács R, Balázsi D, Tóth Z, Balázs B, Chun-Ju C, Kardos G, Kovacs I, Majoros L.

Methods in Molecular Biology, June 2022 Labelling of Candida auris Cell Walls to Examine Levels of PAMP Exposure by Flow Cytometry and Fluorescence Microscopy

Chloe Pelletier & Alexander Lorenz

Microbiology Spectrum, June 2022 In Vitro Antifungal Activity of Manogepix and Other Antifungal Agents against South African Candida auris Isolates from Bloodstream Infections

Tsidiso G. Maphanga, Ruth S. Mpembe, Serisha D. Naicker, Nelesh P. Govender

Frontiers in Fungal Biology, June 2022 Antifungal Exposure and Resistance Development: Defining Minimal Selective Antifungal Concentrations and Testing Methodologies

Emily M. Stevenson, William H. Gaze, Neil A. R. Gow, Alwyn Hart, Wiebke Schmidt, Jane Usher, Adilia Warris, Helen Wilkinson and Aimee K. Murray

mBio, June 2022 CidA and LrgA: a “Hole” Lot More than Programmed Cell Death

Maisem Laabei, Seána Duggan

The Lancet Infectious Diseases, June 2022 Outcomes of flucytosine-containing combination treatment for cryptococcal meningitis in a South African national access programme: a cross-sectional observational study

Rudzani C Mashau, Susan T Meiring, Vanessa C Quan, Jeremy Nel, Greg S Greene, Andrea Garcia, Colin Menezes, Denasha L Reddy, Michelle Venter, Sarah Stacey, Matamela Madua, Lia Boretti, Thomas S Harrison, Graeme Meintjes, Amir Shroufi, Laura Trivino-Duran, John Black, Nelesh P Govender

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