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The MRC CMM is training a cohort of basic scientists and clinicians, who will build capacity in medical mycology and increase academic research in this neglected field in the future. These individuals will be provided with excellent interdisciplinary training and the research they conduct in the MRC CMM will benefit their future careers

MRC CMM Early Career Fellows, PhD students and clinical trainees enable the Centre's research themes and foster interconnectivity and interdisciplinarity within and beyond the MRC CMM. The training of these Fellows and students helps address the urgent requirement for increased capacity in basic and clinical research in this neglected field in the UK. Since the creation of the MRC CMM the translation of our science and promotion of a vibrant public outreach programme, have maximised the impact of the excellent mycology research that occurs in the MRC CMM and across the UK.

Four-year Early Career Fellowships, four-year MRes-PhD Studentships and three-year Clinical PhD Fellowships, are being offered within the MRC CMM. In total, this represents an injection of 20 full time training positions in basic and clinical research. These training posts are essential for the Centre’s success: they represent the “glue” required to integrate the expertise of the MRC CMM, fostering synergy and interconnectivity, as well as empowering and enabling the innovative interdisciplinary research within our new research themes. In addition, our eight-week medical student summer scholarships from the MRC has been made available to attract clinical trainees into academic science and medical mycology.