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For researchers

Public Engagement with Research is a guiding principle of our research culture at the University of Exeter. We actively seek new ways to engage with diverse public communities in order to nurture, support and develop meaningful partnerships to tackle some of the fundamental issues facing humankind. Engaging with public communities is necessary to support the quality of our research and ensure that our research can make a difference locally, nationally and globally.


Are you a researcher looking for public engagement support or advice? Get in touch with the Communities Engagement Manager, who can help answer these enquiries:


If you want to learn more about how the MAGPIEs can help you in your research, take a look at our poster: Work with MAGPIE 

In summary, MAGPIE members can support your research by:

  • Working with researchers to develop appropriate public involvement and engagement opportunities for research projects
  • Providing a fresh perspective and encourage researchers to think about the societal problems their research is addressing
  • Commenting on language used in public facing communications, and ensure that plain English is used where necessary
  • Reviewing grant applications including lay summaries
  • Helping researchers prepare for public presentations or outreach activities
  • Facilitating engagement with specific non-academic communities, for example local schools and colleges, patient groups, community groups, societies and University of the Third Age


Lay summaries

Need help writing a lay summary? Look no further! Check out this handy guide: Writing a Lay Summary. You can also get in touch with Katharine and the MAGPIEs who are always happy to review lay summaries.