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Clinical Secondments for Healthcare Professionals

Please note that the latest date we receive an application for the clinical secondment is 30th June 2022 and the start date of the successful applicant is no later than 1st August 2022. 

This secondment scheme will be closed on 1st July 2022. 


We are delighted to announce that from April 2022, we are opening up a new opportunity to provide healthcare professionals who have already been seconded to another lab at the university with funding to cover research expenses to conduct research projects. Note that the amount of funding we can provide is 2k per month for a standard 6-month project, with a potential to be extended further, subject to approval. The project must be finished no later than 31st March 2023 if your application is successful.

We still welcome anyone with a clinical background or work in a healthcare environment from any organisations wishing to work on a short research project to be seconded to TREE and we can work with applicants to fit around their clinical commitments.

We encourage healthcare professionals including those from external organisations to contact us with ideas for their own project at the interface between quantitative disciplines (such as mathematics, physics or informatics) and biology, biomedicine and clinical sciences.  Salary and reasonable additional costs, to cover training and project costs, will be paid.

We would hope to support healthcare professionals at all stages who intend to enhance quantitative skills either to submit research Fellowship applications within the next 12-18 months, or to apply quantitative skills later in their research career. We can work with applicants to accommodate a variety of working arrangements eg part-time, discrete on/off working periods. The start dates are flexible for secondees and we encourage enquiries on an ad-hoc basis.

For academic enquiries about a potential secondment or project, please contact academic lead Professor Inês Barroso. This should be arranged by admin team ( For other general enquiries, please contact Ms Yujin Du, TREE project manager ( We welcome enquiries from healthcare professionals at the early stage of their careers and encourage early engagement.

Applicants who want to be seconded to TREE are invited to send a CV, a personal statement and letters from clinical and academic leads (or equivalent) confirming their agreement to the secondment if successful. If you have been seconded to a lab and intend to apply for funding to cover research expenses related to your project, you will need to submit a research proposal instead of a personal statement, along with your CV and letters from your academic/clinical lead. Further, Lecturer-level applicants will need to provide a letter from their Director of Education confirming they will be released from most teaching duties so that they can focus on the secondment. We encourage applicants to identify and contact potential host themselves before submitting an application. However, this is not a requirement for applicants if they feel it hard to find a suitable host themselves.

Personal statements should describe:

  • your current areas of research interest/expertise;
  • the key research skills you seek to develop;
  • the biological, biomedical or clinical areas you would like to focus on;
  • the specific Fellowship scheme(s) that would subsequently be targeted.

For previous secondments: My Clinical Secondment | Translational Research Exchange @ Exeter

For additional information please contact