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Estate Patrol staff

Working arrangements

The working arrangements consist of four 12 hour day shifts (0630 to 1830), followed by four rest days, then four 12 hour night shifts (1830 to 0630), followed by four rest days. 

A copy of the shift rota will be given to you by your line manager on appointment. 

Pay details

The shift pattern gives an average working week of 42 hours:

365 days divided by 8 days = 45.625 shifts of 48 hours = 2,190 hours per year.

2,190 hours divided by 52 weeks = average 42 hours per week.

Some of these hours are paid at the “night shift rate” of time and a third and some are paid as contractual overtime at time and a half rate, as follows:

Plain time 18.25 hours (ie 18.25 pay hours)
Time and a third 18.25 hours (ie 24.27 pay hours)
Time and a half 5.5 hours (ie 8.25 pay hours)
Totals 42 hours (ie 50.77 pay hours)

This total pay hours of 50.77 (or 1.390 FTE) is used for the calculation of your salary.  In addition, Estate Patrol are also entitled to a shift allowance which can be found under Allowances - Shift.

Annual leave

Full-time entitlement (ie those who work 36.5 hours per week, 7.3 hours per day) = 25 days + 8 bank holidays + 6 closure days = 39 days x 7.3 hours = 284.7 hours.
42 hour week worker = 42 hours divided by 36.5 hours = 1.15 FTE
1.15 x 284.7 hours = 327.4 hours holiday divided by 12 hours = 27.28 ie 27.5 days
4 days will be taken during the Christmas vacation.


Wherever possible employees should co-operate in working reasonable amounts of overtime as necessary.  Whilst advance notice of overtime will normally be possible it is unavoidable that some overtime will occur at short notice due to sickness and emergencies.