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Night Facilities Assistant/Night Cleaning staff

Working arrangements

The working arrangements consist of three 12-hour shifts (19:30 to 07:30), followed by three nights' off.

A copy of the shift rota will be given to you by your line manager on appointment.

Night Facilities Assistant/Night Cleaning staff will be expected to do a reasonable amount of overtime to help cover absences of other work colleagues where possible.

Pay details

The shift pattern gives an average working week of 42.286 hours

148 working days x 12 hours = 1,776 hours per year
1,776 hours ÷ 42 weeks = 42.286 hours per week

Some of these hours are paid at the “night shift rate” of time and a third and some are paid as contractual overtime at time and a half rate, as follows:

Plain time 12.17 hours (ie 12.17 pay hours)
Time and a third 24.33 hours (ie 32.356 pay hours)
Time and a half 5.786 hours (ie 8.679 pay hours)
Totals 42.286 hours (ie 53.21 pay hours)

This total pay hours of 53.21 (or 1.356 FTE) is used for the calculation of your salary.

Salary payments will be made in 12 equal instalments by monthly credit transfer direct to your account in any of the National Clearing Banks or any Building Society.

The University averages your pay so that you receive the same pay each month for all twelve months of your fixed term contract.

Your basic salary is worked out by multiplying the number of hours you are contracted to work each week by the number of weeks you are contracted to work. Since term time employees are not permitted to take holiday during these contracted weeks. An additional sum is then added to your basic salary in payment for annual leave and bank holidays/closure days and this is your total salary:

Annual salarydivided by weeks per year x (working weeks + holiday)divided by full time hoursx contracted hours= Pro rata salary:
£ full time salary divided by 52 weeks x (your contracted weeks + holiday %*) divided by 36.5 x your contracted hours =£your average pay

*Holiday pay%: The payment for holiday is a pro rata amount of the full-time entitlement ie pro rata 24** days annual leave + 6 closure days + 5 bank holidays. Payment for the other 3 bank holidays is included in your basic salary as the 3 bank holidays at Christmas (Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day) fall within a working week but you will not be required to work for those three days. Holiday pay is expressed as a percentage of your basic salary as in the example below:

The holiday percentage is calculated as follows:
52 weeks x 5 working days = 260 possible working days per year.
24 days holiday + 5 bank holidays + 6 closure days = 35 total leave days
260 working days – 35 total leave days = 225 working days remaining.
35 leave days as a percentage of 225 working days = 15.56%
Therefore 42 weeks + 15.56% = 48.535

**Please note that holiday entitlement is due to increase as follows and your salary will be adjusted automatically:

Service:Under 5 years5 and 6 years7 years and more
Wef Jan 08 24 ie 15.56% 25 ie 16.07% 25 ie 16.07%
Wef Jan 09 25 ie 16.07% 25 ie 16.07% 25 ie 16.07%

Should you not work the required number of contracted weeks or receive an overpayment for any reason, the University reserves the right to recover the amount from your subsequent pay.

Term time employees who change their hours and/or weeks mid way through the academic year will have the pay for their previous post recalculated by Payroll to ensure that they have received the correct pay for the weeks and hours worked, including holiday pay.

When term-time employees leave the University, Payroll will make a comparison between actual pay due, (including holiday pay) and average pay paid, to ensure that you leave with the correct total pay. A similar reconciliation is undertaken when employees commence maternity leave.

Annual leave for term-time employees

It is imperative that the University is able to ensure adequate services during term time, therefore it is important to note that payment for annual leave and bank holidays/closure days is included in your salary and any holidays must be taken outside term time. Additional unpaid (holiday) leave is also not normally permitted in term-time, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Head of Facilities Management. Failure to adhere to these rules and unauthorised absence during the contracted weeks may result in disciplinary proceedings.