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Consultancy work

[1] Consultancy activity is defined as the provision of expert advice or services to external clients undertaken by Professors and other staff in the Education and Research job family through a contract for payment. It does not normally include external examining, refereeing and guest lecturing at other Higher and Further Education institutions.

[2] The University encourages Professors and other staff in the Education and Research job family to be involved in consultancy in order to contribute to the University’s mission of transferring knowledge, developing business and community relations and increasing income from non-regulated sources. Consultancy can also help to develop research collaborations and maintain longer-term relationships with funders.

[3] There are two principal types of consultancy: ‘University Consultancy’, ie undertaken as part of or supporting the work of the Faculty; and ‘Private Consultancy’, ie undertaken with no reference to the facilities, expertise, time or reputation of the University. All consultancy activity must be fully disclosed to the Faculty.

[4] The purpose of these Regulations is to ensure that:

• consultancy is undertaken on a professional, business basis;

• to protect the commercial interests of the University; and

• to ensure that potential conflicts of interest are avoided.

University consultancy

[5] Unless otherwise expressly agreed under the Private Consultancy section below, all consultancy must be managed through UoE Consultancy Ltd in accordance with procedures approved by the University. Further guidance can be found in the Research toolkit.

[6] By express agreement with the Director of Service and taking account of guidance issued by the University, staff in the Education and Research job family may be able to receive additional remuneration in the form of an honorarium paid through the University payroll or into a PDA account for engaging in university consultancy.

Private consultancy

[7] The University permits Professors and other staff in the Education and Research job family to engage in Private consultancy for up to 10 days per annum (pro-rata for part-time staff). Members of staff are required to disclose private consultancy to their Director of Service in accordance with procedures specified by the University, further guidance can be found in the Research toolkit.

[8] Director of Service's will take account of guidance by the University in determining whether to permit such private consultancy.

[9] Following consultation with the Director of Human Resources, exceptionally a Director of Service may agree that a member of staff has permission to undertake more than the 10 days of outside work referred to in the paragraph above. Any such agreement should be recorded in writing.

[10] Staff undertaking private consultancy must make their own arrangements for managing the work.