Casual workers can include students working at Careers fairs and Open days

Casual Claims Process

Workers and Managers must review the following information before any casual work starts.

Casual Workers

Information for casual workers can be found here.

Timesheet submission deadlines and pay dates can be found here.

Managers of Casual Workers

Information for the Manager's of casual workers can be found here.

Why and when to use a casual worker

To meet the requirements of employment law and to safeguard the University’s position as an employer, the University expects most individuals engaged to work for the University to be employed in accordance with standard employment arrangements (i.e. on a contract of employment approved via the eSR1 process).

The casual claims process should only be used for engagements which are ad hoc, or very short in duration (less than 3 months) and in conjunction with the 'Business Rules for Engaging Workers'. Assignments could include:

Please note, a University of Exeter employee cannot have two jobs at the University (including casual work) where the hours together would be greater than full time i.e. 36.5 hours. 

In exceptional circumstances and where the additional role is significantly different from the employee's substantive role, there may be circumstances where this is allowable. The employing unit (for the additional work) will be required to write a business case for offering the employee additional work, explaining why they need to engage this individual over and above any other casual worker.  Written consent should also be sought from the individuals substantive line manager.  The business case and written consent should be sent to the Director of HR Services for approval.  Please contact your HR Business Partner for more information.

Further information