About your pay

The Temporary Staff Bank's remuneration is on an hourly basis. The Claims/TSB pay rates are relative to the salary grading structure for permanent staff. Holiday pay is included in the hourly rate, but shown seperately and calculated at 28 days per year, pro rata.

Temporary workers are paid at the beginning of each grade, unless otherwise requested by the line manager. Typical hourly rates from 18th Nov 2019 include:

  • B grade - £10.42ph (£9.30 + £1.12 holiday pay)
  • C grade - £11.11ph (£9.91 +£1.20 holiday pay)
  • D grade - £12.54ph (£11.19 + £1.35 holiday pay)
  • E grade - £16.24ph (£14.49 + £1.75 holiday pay)

These rates are subject to Cost of Living increases.

Full time hours are 36.5 per week, but weekly and daily hours may vary according to specific assignments.

Weekly timesheets are submitted using the eClaims system and must be submitted by the payroll deadline.

All temporary and casual workers are paid monthly, 1 month in arrears. Our Pay Guidelines show which weeks you can expect to receive payment for in each month, and the allocated eClaims submission and approval deadlines. Payments in advance of the allocated pay date cannot be made.

Annual holiday pay

Depending on the number of hours worked per year, you are entitled to a maximum of 28 days paid annual leave (these can include Bank Holidays). Your holiday pay is included within the hourly rate. The Claims/TSB pay rates outline how much holiday pay is included in each hourly rate‌.

Holiday taken must be by arrangement with the College/Service that you are working in. Holiday must taken during the assignment in which it has been accrued and cannot be carried over to the next assignment.

Please note the University holiday year runs from January to December and it is essential that you fit in your holiday periods during this time. Holiday pay cannot be carried over from one year to the next.

For more information, please see the Temporary Staff Bank terms and conditions pages.