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The Occupational Health team can also help you with expert confidential advice and support.

If you are unsure which team to contact feel free to email either Colleague Wellbeing or Occupational Health as we work closely together and will ensure you receive the support you need.

Alcohol and Drugs

Many people have found the Covid-19 pandemic a very difficult time, which is why there is no suprise that alcohol and drug use has increased.

For example, our most recent Colleague Health and Wellbeing survey focused on colleague’s perception of their alcohol intake and found 41% felt they consumed excessive alcohol sometimes and 9% felt they consumed excessive alcohol frequently. We want to assure colleagues that there is no shame in seeking support with your alcohol and drug use. Colleagues who suspect or are aware that they have a problem with substance abuse are encouraged to seek support through the below options or via their GP.


Support available:

Spectrum Life

  • Spectrum Life is our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which is a confidential, neutral service provided by an external company to support colleagues at the University. One of the support services they can offer is support with addictions.

University support

External Support for Alcohol

  • Alcohol Change is the national agency on alcohol misuse for England and Wales. Drinkline runs a free, confidential helpline for people who are concerned about their drinking, or someone else's. Providing general information about alcohol and helping to put you in touch with your nearest alcohol advice center. National drink helpline Drinkline: 0300 123 1110 (weekdays 9am – 8pm and weekends 11am – 4pm). 
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain (AA) is concerned with the personal recovery and continued sobriety of individuals with alcohol addiction. National Helpline: 0800 917 7650 (free).
  • We are with you are a UK wide treatment agency, helping individuals, families and communities to manage the effects of drug and alcohol misuse.

External Support for Drugs

  • Talk to Frank provides honest information about drugs including an A-Z as well as friendly and confidential advice. Helpline: 0800 77 66 00.
  • Drug Wise provides drug information which is topical, evidence-based and non-judgmental – and promotes this through media work, public speaking and lecturing.
  • Re-solv is a National Charity dedicated to the prevention of solvent and volatile substance abuse. Helpline: 01785 817885. 

External Support for Addictions