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Information for alumni

There are FAQs about the HEAR including specific ones for Graduates. This includes information about:

  • How to access your HEAR
  • How to share your HEAR
  • How to request a correction to your Final HEAR
  • How to change your registered email for GradIntel. 

The following table indicates eligibilty to receive transcript and HEAR (UGs= undergraduates, PGTs= taught postgraduates).

Graduation date

Student cohort

Provided at graduation

Additional copies of basic transcript available for purchase from the online store

Basic transcript HEAR
Prior to 2014 ALL  √  Χ   √
2014 UGs   √   √   √
  PGTs   √   Χ   √
2015 International (non-EU) UGs   √   √   √
  UK & EU UGs One copy on request from SID   √   √
  PGTs   √   Χ   √
2016 PGTs  √  √  √