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The school engagement team release regular blogs providing information and advice for teachers and advisers who may be guiding students through the application process.

Booking System

If you would like to book a visit to our campuses or make a request to attend an event or the delivery of a workshop, please use our booking system

Information and Resources

Teacher resources

 The University of Exeter School and College Engagement Team is committed to providing timely relevant information surrounding higher education issues to teachers and advisers to ensure that you can provide meaningful information, advice and guidance to your students. The resources below cover a wide range of topics from our offer-making process to resources that you can use in your classroom. Please also take a look at Discover University website for a range of resources aimed directly at students across all key stages as well as free online information and guidance sessions.

Please follow us on our dedicated Twitter account @DiscoverUniExe, which is specifically for teachers and advisers.

Our 'In Conversation' series aims to provide useful insights of topical higher education issues from a university perspective. The sessions are delivered by Dr Karl Devincenzi, School Relationship Manager, who is normally joined by key members of staff from our university community. Each session delves into different topics and aims to provide information and guidance for prospective students.

Admissions Special - September 2023 - Join Dr Karl Devincenzi and Dr Katherine Lloyd Clark as they discuss the latest admission cycle. Reflecting on results and trends from the 2023 application cycle.

Teacher References – 25th April 2023 - Join Dr Karl Devincenzi and Dr Katherine Lloyd Clark as they discuss the changes to the UCAS teachers reference.

Previous episodes can be found on our YouTube channel.

We have a range of resources that can be used for your KS3-4 cohorts. In particular, we have recordings of Information and Guidance sessions which can be used in the classroom. Please find the list of available sessions here. We also have resources for students hosted on our Discover University website.

Advancing Access provides a variety of CPD resources, online events and offline conferences for teachers and advisers to help them support students’ progression to Russell Group universities.

To find out more and to sign up for events, visit the Advancing Access website.

The Annual Teaching and Learning Conference run by the South West Academic Trust (SWAT) normally takes place every year in June. Aimed at teachers, it involves a series of interactive workshops and keynote speakers who share interesting and innovative experiences and allow delegates the opportunity to generate ideas to make teaching and learning truly exceptional.

The next teaching and learning conference will take place on the 21st June 2023 at the University of Exeter. Conference information may be found on this website closer to the date.

We developed a range of insightful and engaging Q&A panels in the following subjects – Anthropology, Arab and Islamic Studies (inc. Arabic language and Middle East Studies), Criminology, Law, Philosophy, Politics and International Relations, and Sociology. Each panel features academics, students, and alumni speakers who offer delightful stories on what inspired them to get into their subject, and informative insights into the subjects themselves, ranging from questions such as ‘Why study this degree or subject area?’ to ‘What useful skills and attributes do graduates from this degree or subject area gain?’ Access the recordings here.

Our Careers Insight Q&A Panels consist of fantastic range of University of Exeter alumni who have gone onto exciting and varied careers, indicating that a multitude of pathways and opportunities stem from different subjects of study and experiences. Access the recordings here

We are delighted to offer Black History Month resources from the last few years, most recently 2022's theme which was ‘Time for Change: Action Not Words’. We have an exciting range of events and resources to share with you and your students and we hope that you will make the most of accessing these activities, not just throughout Black History Month, but throughout the year.

We invite you to explore our webpages which we hope will inspire and inform both students and teachers alike, through interacting with a variety of academic and guest lectures, student ambassador vlogs, and online articles. Classroom resources suitable for a range of year groups are also available on request at any time of the year from our Teacher Toolkit section.

Meet the academics, researchers and leaders from the University of Exeter! Find out the range of backgrounds that our staff have and the different pathways that they have taken to their roles at the University. This series has been created to show students that they can approach higher education from a variety of pathways and backgrounds. Access the recordings here.

Whilst we are unable to provide centrally co-ordinated work experience placements, applicants are welcome to contact specific members of staff across the university. It is recommended to use the main university website to do research before sending in a request. More information can be found here.