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Teachers and advisers

My path to

Meet the academics, researchers and leaders from the University of Exeter! Find out the range of backgrounds that our staff have and the different pathways that they have taken to their roles at the University. This series has been created to show you that you can approach higher education from a variety of pathways and backgrounds. We wish you the best of luck with your journey and hope we can support you along the way.

My path to Leadership

Professor Lisa Roberts

My path to Business

Dr Costa Manolchev

My Path to Biosciences

Dr Kelly Thornber

My path to English

Dr Simon Rennie

My path to Psychology

Professor Darren Croft

My path to Politics

Dr Aneta Brockhill

My path to Medicine

Dr Patrick Hamilton

My path to Education

Riadh Ghemmour

My path to History

Dr Ryan Hanley

My path to Classics and Ancient History

Dr Daniel King