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A day in the life - Virtual student shadowing

We know that the opportunities for you to find out about student life are limited at the moment so some of our students have created day in the life videos to help support you to discover a range of subjects during this strange time. You will be able to see what it is like to be in a seminar or online lecture as well as finding out why our students chose their course and the University of Exeter. As the videos have been filmed using students own devices you may find the odd glitch in sound but we hope this first hand experience gives you a unique insight into studying in a global pandemic and gives you some reassurance on the way you could be learning at the University of Exeter.

IMPORTANT NOTE - The student ambassadors recorded a day or week in their life in November and December 2020, so are following COVID-19 restrictions as they were at the time and may be learning from home. Our catalogue of videos will be expanded as soon as we can do so safely so keep checking back for new content.

Drama (Streatham Campus)

Watch Lucy's video to gain an insight into studying Drama at the University of Exeter by being a fly on the wall in a drama seminar in the studio as well as a virtual seminar. Listen to Lucy explain why she chose Exeter and what societies she has joined, whilst she shows you a bit of the beautiful Streatham campus! 

History (Penryn Campus)

Get a sneak peek into the day in the life of a university History student! Emily is studying at our Penryn Campus and is in her third year. Join her in her seminar “The Three Klans” and hear about what a university dissertation is like to write. 

Geology (Penryn Campus)

Watch Lydia’s student shadowing video in Geology to discover what it is like to be a student with Camborne School of Mines (CSM) at the University of Exeter. Lydia will give you an insight into virtual learning with seminars and tutorials before showing you what it is like to currently study on campus in a practical workshop. 

Engineering (Streatham Campus)

Watch Adam’s video to see what it is like to study engineering at the University of Exeter. Join Adam as he attends virtual lectures, seminars, and group work sessions, as well as talking through a typical day. 

Law with Business (Penryn Campus)

Ernestina is in her second year studying Law and Business at the University of Exeter Penryn Campus. Follow her week of lectures and seminars to see how the course encourages students to learn how law influences business and business influences law. 

Economics and Finance (Streatham Campus)

Watch Harry’s video to see what it is like to be an Economics and Finance student within the Business School at the University of Exeter’s Streatham Campus. Harry will give you an insight into both face-to-face and virtual seminars, as well as a study session in the library, before talking through the social activities he gets up to in his spare time. 

Zoology (Penryn Campus)

Join Ellie as she shows you what it is like to study Zoology at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus. Watch as she takes part in lectures and seminars, as well as showing you how she finds it best to study while learning from home! 

Medicine (St Luke’s Campus)

Watch BMBS Medicine student Harriet's video to gain insight into the blend of clinical and campus learning used at the University of Exeter Medical School. Harriet will share with you her varied week-to-week timetables, and give an insight into our small-group, problem-based learning style with live recordings of her Special Study Units - and show you how medical students practice for their clinical exams! 

Middle East Studies (Streatham Campus)

Join Sumiah, a 3rd year student studying BA Middle East Studies with Arabic as she shares a day in her life at the University of Exeter’s Streatham Campus. Watch as she attends a lecture, does a tour around campus, including the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, The Forum and the library, and offers valuable student advice.