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Want to know more about what it's like to be a postgraduate student at the University of Exeter?

Speak to one of our current students now through our online chat and messaging system to find out.

All of our online ambassadors are current postgraduate students from both our Exeter and Cornwall campuses, and are studying a range of Masters and PhD programmes. They are all available now to answer your questions, and will reply as quickly as they can (if they’re not in lectures or revising for exams!).

You can search by area of study if you have a specific question. Otherwise all our student ambassadors will be very happy to answer more general questions about student life or living in the South West of England.

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* If you are you looking for scholarships or bursaries to help finance your postgraduate study, we advise searching our funding database to see what you might be eligible for. A limited number of Global Excellence Scholarships are awarded to those of outstanding academic quality**.

Information about our academic and IELTS English Language requirements can be found on the relevant programme page. Details of other language tests we can accept and the scores required can be found on the English language requirements page. We welcome applications with interim transcripts and/or prior to sitting an English test. More information can be found on the application process and supporting documents pages.

If you are still unclear about the admissions process or entry requirements, please contact our Postgraduate Admissions Team through their online form.

**Not available in all disciplines.