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The Postgraduate Society organises a variety of social events.

Postgraduate Society and other Guild societies

Postgraduate Society

The Postgraduate Society is about ensuring your postgraduate experience at the University of Exeter is fun and rewarding. The Postgraduate Society is dedicated to representing postgraduate students’ social and recreational needs. Run by a committee of students, it can help you make the most of your time at Exeter.

Throughout the year, the Society organises socials, trips to other cities and places of interest, to provide everyone with opportunities to meet other postgraduates, celebrate successes and gives the chance to relax from studying. The Society will help you to make memories and friendships that last into your professional life and beyond.

The Society's committee work closely with the Postgraduate Forum, who represent the interests of postgraduates across all three campuses.

Useful links

You can find out more about the Postgraduate Forum and Postgraduate Society on the Student Guild's webpages.

Postgraduate Forum on Facebook
Postgraduate Society on Facebook

Other Students' Guild Societies

In Exeter, thousands of students sign up to over 180 different Guild-affiliated societies. These societies cover a wide range of activities enabling our students to get fully involved with university life. Societies range from the conventional (such as English Soc, Ski Club, Photosoc and Jazz Orchestra), to the more esoteric (such as the Chocolate Society and Hide and Seek Society). You can get involved with the running of any of these and if there’s a society you want that we don’t have, we’ll help you set it up. The full list is available on the Guild website.

FXU societies at the Cornwall Campus

The range of clubs and societies is a cornerstone of the Cornwall Campus, with FXU providing practical support, as well as subsidies for many activities to help reduce the cost of getting involved. Clubs vary from the traditional sports of rugby, football and hockey to the more unusual paddleboarding and Tremorz (street dance). Other popular groups include the Hip Hop Society, Exploration, Bee Soc and the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Society. There’s an ever-growing list of student clubs, so if we don’t currently have the one you want, FXU will help you set your own up once you’re here! The full list is available on the FXU website.