Case studies of assessment and feedback practice

Business School: Leadership challenges and practices

Contact: Dr Patricia Gayá Wicks

Students address the more practical, active and vocational aspects of leadership in this Level 2 module, starting from the assumption that almost every organised activity is initiated by some kind of leadership. They are encouraged to critically explore the following question: What can each of us do to get better at leading, and to support others in leadership positions for the good of the shared enterprise? Alongside engaging with contemporary theoretical perspectives, students are encouraged to learn from their own and others’ experiences of leadership in practice, and to engage in activities which enable them to develop their own leadership capacity.

The module is of interest in the way it focuses on helping students to make links between theory and practice. It features guest speakers including practising organisational leaders (both private and public sector), consultants and coaches, as well as informal leaders, such as community activists.

Students learn not just through theories and academic literature, but by reflecting on observations and experiences of leadership in practice. Assessment includes making use of a learning journal and of the outcomes of interaction with guest speakers.

Case study