Principles of assessment

Clarity of information to students

Students should be provided at the outset of their programme with explicit information about:

  • how their work will be assessed.
  • how they will be informed of results from assessments.
  • what types of assessment they can expect to be given, with an explanation of the difference between formative and summative assessments.
  • how much and what form of feedback to expect. Departments will need to point out that this may vary for different types of assessment.
  • the timescale between submission of assessed work and the provision of feedback.
  • details of assessment criteria, intended learning outcomes and any other information that aids transparency of the marking process.
  • conventions on the confirmation of marks - for example, that marks from summative assessments are provisional until verified by Exam Boards.
  • who to approach in the first instance for support and advice on matters to do with assessment and feedback.