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Supporting you in developing your teaching here at the University. 


There is an Academic Development Brochure which summarises some of the learning and development opportunities availble to academics engaged in education, scholarship, and research. There is also an Academic Development team website.

Enhancing your teaching

There are a range of development programmes and workshops to support you with developing your teaching here at the University. 

For new academic staff, the Teaching Essentials workshop would be the more appropriate development, prior to the Academic Professional programme for those new staff for whom it is a probationary requirement. The Teaching Essentials provision also includes additional elements available on request which in the past has included: Planning for Research-Inspired, Inquiry-Led Learning; Assessing, Marking and Giving Feedback; Teaching in Practise (which includes a microteach activity); and Programme and Module Design. For more information about these sessions, please contact academicdevelopment@exeter.ac.uk.

The Academic Professional programme is available to all staff at the University of Exeter for whom Academic Practice (teaching and/or research) is a key part of their role. For Lecturers (E&R) on the Professional Development Programme, completion of Academic Professional programme is mandatory. Please see the Academic Professional programme FAQ on eligibility for more information.

The Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) programme is for all Postgraduate Researchers who teach, and is also open to E&S Associate Lecturers, and Research staff who do some teaching.

Alongside the Academic Development team, our Technology-Enhanced Learning team offer a range of support to help you develop your skills and integrate technology into your teaching.

Academic and personal tutoring

Academic and personal tutoring is an important aspect of academic life at Exeter, and is often cited by students as one of the most valued features of support they receive.

Information and support for personal tutors.

Doctoral supervision

Supervising postgraduate researchers (PGRs) is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying, but also one of the most challenging aspect of academic life. This resource for doctoral supervisors at the University of Exeter is here to help you, and help you to enjoy supervising research students.

Information and support for Doctoral Supervisors

Using our learning spaces

Our learning spaces across the university are equipped with a range of facilities to enhance learning and teaching. The Learning spaces team also offer training and support to use these facilities.

Accreditation and qualifications for teaching and supporting learning: The ASPIRE Framework

The ASPIRE (Accrediting Staff Professionalism In Research-led Education) Framework is the University of Exeter’s integrated professional development provision for everyone who teaches and/or supports learning in our research inspired environment, recognising and rewarding good practice in education. The ASPIRE Framework is informed by the Education Strategy and ongoing partnership with the Colleges. 

 The ASPIRE Framework includes: 

The ASPIRE Framework is:

  • Underpinned by the UK Professional Standards Framework, with particular emphasis on continuing development, peer review and collaboration, learner feedback, scholarship and education research
  • Supported by the PDR and Annual Review of Teaching Scheme (ARTS)

For more information, please see the ASPIRE Framework website.