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PDR and Mentoring Skills for Academic Leads



Leadership and management.


People Management.

About this course:

The Academic PDR process has a focus on goals and achievement but it is also intended to be supportive, flexible and individualised.

A great PDR is all to do with the quality of the conversation, consequently this workshop will not cover the forms or details of the process, which we will ask you to acquaint yourself with before the workshop.

Instead we will explore the purpose of PDRs, how to employ a coaching style and examine your role as an academic mentor.

It also considers the role of the PDR within the wider performance management context.

This course is mandatory for all staff who will conduct PDRs and is most effective if completed a few months before PDRs are planned.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this course you will:.

- Understand the academic PDR process.

- Understand the role of the Academic Lead as a mentor.

- Know some ways to ask powerful questions.

- Know how to deploy the GROW model: Goals, Reality, Options, Wrap-up.

Who should attend this course:

Academic Leads who will conduct PDR reviews with other academic staff.


Bryony Vandenberg (People Development).

What previous participants have said about the course:

"The GROW model is a handy way to remember how PDR conversations should be conducted".

"Some lively and really useful discussions, expertly mediated by the presenter!".

"It was useful, even as an experienced reviewer, to be reminded of expectations in my role and also of the views and ideas of other colleagues: it's easy to get a bit too comfortable and assume you know everything".

Before the course:

Please have a look at the PDR forms and guidance offered here: You should also find out details of how the PDR process works in your College as there may be particular points you wish to raise during the workshop.

Learning provider:

The course is administered by People Development, please contact for any queries.

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