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About this course:

If you need to make a presentation, whether it is a briefing to a small audience, a talk to a larger group or a pitch to a prospective funder; it is easy to just talk through the information you have in your head, but it takes much more skill to make a good, memorable presentation that engages your students; gets you the funding; wins over your audience or gets you the promotion.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this course, the delegates will be able to:.

- Identify what makes a good presentation/pitch and apply a few simple approaches to ensure that the design and structure leads to a successful presentation.

- Get and maintain the audience's attention in a way that is appropriate and engaging.

- Apply a range of non-verbal presentation techniques to ensure that body language and vocals maximise the impact of the presentation.

- Explain how to use technology effectively so that it adds to rather than detracts from the overall effect.

- Deliver a short presentation that will apply the range of techniques learnt and provide an opportunity for reflection, feedback and further development.

Who should attend this course:

This course is designed for both professional and academic staff - all grades.


Sadie Sharpe from Sharp Transformations Ltd

Before the course:

Delegates will be led through a number of exercises to apply the tools and techniques to a presentation topic of their choice, and towards the end of the day, deliver a short 5 minute mini-presentation to practice a range of delivery skills.

The workshop allows for time to refine the content / delivery of this 5 minute presentation but not enough time to write it from scratch, so delegates will need to prepare the content in advance by producing a short 5 minute presentation plan, plus a visual aid (eg flipchart / picture / handout etc), or if using PowerPoint, a maximum of 5 (simple, image based) slides.

It can be on anything - a work topic, a short section from an existing / common presentation being delivered, or on a simple non-work topic like a hobby or holiday, as the same planning and delivery techniques will apply.

Training Provider:

This course is administered by People Development; please contact for more details.

This course occurs on the following dates
06/11/2018 Streatham: Old Library Training Room 3 (Professional Development Suite) 09:30 16:30 Free Sadie Sharp 0
06/02/2019 Streatham: Forum, Training Room 09:30 16:30 Free Sadie Sharp 0
13/03/2019 Penryn: Tremough House, Boardroom 09:30 16:30 Free Sadie Sharp 5
21/05/2019 Streatham: Old Library Training Room 3 (Professional Development Suite) 09:30 16:30 Free Sadie Sharp 0

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