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Using ELE to enhance learning: Guidance on using ELE's online teaching environment to support and enhance your face to face teaching



Education and Research.

About this course:

Want to know more about how ELE can enhance your teaching? This session provides guidance on making the most of your ELE courses including:.

- Formatting and structuring your course.

- Uploading and embedding content.

- Communicating with your students and setting up forums to encourage student engagement.

- Encouraging engagement and active learning e.g.

using quizzes for formative assessment and or the lesson activity to create scenarios where knowledge can be applied.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this course, you will:.

- Be familiar with the basic set-up of an ELE course, labels, sections, activities and resources.

- Know the basic editing skills to upload and embed content.

- Understand how to use ELE to effectively support the active learning of students.

Who should attend this course:

New and existing staff who teach or support learning.


Members of the E-Learning team.


Resources for this workshop will be made available through the Exeter Learning Environment (ELE):

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