Our courses

Staff Learning and Development provides a diverse range of training and development activities for all University staff to assist you in your current or future role at the University.

Calendar of courses

Our course calendar gives full information on each course and is searchable by keyword or type of course.

How do I book a course?

Bookings are made through Trent Self-Service

I can't see a course I'm interested in

If you are interested in a course which is not listed, please contact Staff Learning and Development, who will advise as appropriate.

If you have queries, you may find the answer on our FAQ webpage.

Mandatory and essential training 

Some training is either mandatory for all staff or essential for other staff to carry out their roles. This training covers important topics that help promote best practice within the sector and in some cases, to comply with the law. Further information is available on our policy and systems courses pages.

Role-specific learning opportunities

Information for specific groups of staff is available at: