Leadership and management

We offer a range of development opportunities for you to develop your people management and leadership skills, knowledge and behaviours at all levels.

Using the principle of progressive mastering, where people grow into roles and develop new skills through learning and practice, our provision is grouped into a number of levels.  Attendance is not restricted to grades but instead is aimed at people with different levels of experience.

You may also choose to formalise your learning through one of our ILM qualifications


** STOP PRESS = Due to unprecedented demand we will be closing registrations for ILM qualifications on 1st March, re-opening on 1st August 2018. **


LevelTarget audienceAims
Aspiring managers Those who have little or no management experience and do not currently manage others. Provides a taste of what it takes to be a manager at the University and develops some basic management skills and knowledge.
Supervisors People who supervise teams but who are often not their line managers. To improve people management and communication skills
New managers Those who have just or are about to become managers for the first time at the University. A range of workshops covering all the essentials.
Middle managers Those who have 1-3 years practise as a manager. Consolidates you as a practitioner in a broad range of management topics.
Experienced managers General managers with 4+ years of experience in a range of management topics. Introduces leadership topics and provides opportunities to enhance your networks.
New leaders People who have just taken or, or are about to take on, a leadership role featuring some strategic rather than solely operational work. Consolidates basic leadership practice.
Experienced leaders Leaders with several years of leadership and expertise in strategic ares of their work. Explors aspects of leadership in more detail.
ILM Qualifications Anyone who wants to achieve formal recognition for their learning and experience. To accredit skills, knowledge and understanding at the relevant levels of experience.