Application and Matching

To apply for the mentoring scheme you need to complete the following steps

  1. Complete the pre-mentoring relationship questionnaire - a key part of our evaluation process.
  2. Read and understand the section of the toolkit including your roles and responsibilities in the relationship.
  3. Complete the online application form.

One Step Beyond Application Form

HoD Menotring Scheme registration of interest.

Our mentoring scheme suggests matches to the scheme coordinators based on the data in your application form. 

Scheme coordinators will then make a provisional match and offer provisional match to the mentee by email.  Mentees can accept or decline the offer.  If they decline, partnerships are placed back in the matching pool and a new provisional match can be made.  On acceptance, a confirmation email is sent to both the mentor and mentee, and their partnership becomes live.

Can I mentor more than one mentee?

Mentors are able to take on a maximum of four mentees at one time.

Should the same person be both Mentor and Supervisor to the Mentee?

No. The relationship will normally be outside any current hierarchical relationship (e.g. that between a manager and member of staff, or between a research group leader and research group member).

I'm nearing the end of my mentoring relationship, can I mentor again?

It would be wonderful if you could assist another mentee. Repeat mentors bring the added value of learning and experience from their previous relationships. Even if you are not able to remain a part of the scheme immediately following the relationship, please contact the mentor scheme co-ordinator to arrange to indicate when/if you expect to be available for mentoring again, and your re-entry onto the mentoring database can be arranged accordingly.

Can I opt-out of the mentoring scheme?

Participation in the One Step Beyond scheme is entirely voluntary. Mentors and Mentees can contact the mentor scheme co-ordinator to arrange to be removed from the mentoring database and contact lists. You should indicate to the Mentor Scheme Coordinator when/if you expect to be available for mentoring again, so your re-entry onto the mentoring database can be arranged accordingly.

Can I still register in the Mentoring Scheme even if I’m too busy to mentor at this time?

Yes, you can register at any time to become a mentor in the program. If you would like to mentor at a later date, please indicate your preferred start date when you register.

Can I be matched with someone from a different discipline?

Yes. ‘One Step Beyond’ is a cross-college mentoring scheme and mentors can request to be matched with mentees from within any discipline CLES, CEMPS or UEMS based on their requirements or following advice from College HR Advisers and HR Business Partner(s).

The data you provide in your application form will be only be used by the University of Exeter and SUMAC (our software provider) in relation to your participation on the scheme or programme to which your application form belongs, and will not be shared with any other organisations or used for any other purpose. Both SUMAC and the mentoring scheme organiser are bound by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to keep your data secure and to maintain your privacy. You can view the SUMAC Privacy Policy here.

The University of Exeter and scheme organiser will use of your data in line with our Staff data privacy notice here.