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A contemporary approach to world security

The Strategy and Security Institute is an interdisciplinary research centre established by the University of Exeter to directly address the strategic deficit of a world beset by instability and insecurity.

Building on a critical mass of expertise within the University and a cohort of strategic partners from other organisations, the Institute carries out research, consultancy and teaching in the field of global security and strategy, particularly relating to how individuals and organisations of all kinds deal with conflict, unrest, and crisis under intense pressure.

'Whilst education may be better than ever…we may not be schooled in the right things; the result is a form of strategic illiteracy' Newton, Colley, Sharpe. RUSI Journal, Feb 10
'The aim of strategy is to unite the levers of national power in a common framework for purposeful action'. General Sir Paul Newton, Director SSI

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Our MA aims to meet the needs of strategic practitioners and understanding strategy in action.

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Further improvements to recruitment, retention and training of Army Reserve Forces needed.

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Induction and Deduction in International Relations: Squaring the Circle between Theory and Evidence’, out now with International Studies Review.

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Defence Committee

Strategy and Security experts address Select Committee

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