Human Sciences

  • Examine the past and present of humans and human societies
  • Jointly delivered by Biosciences and Geography
  • Field trip to Kenya in the final year
  • Broaden your employment prospects and acquire a wide range of quantitative and qualitative transferable skills
  • Opportunities for professional placement, study abroad and field study in the UK and overseas

The study of human behaviour, culture and society is often set apart from the natural world. Yet humans, like other animals, have an evolutionary history and evolutionary forces continue to shape the way we live today. Important insights can therefore come from studying humans in the same way as we study other animals. Many of the problems we currently face, such as the biodiversity crisis, climate change, or the conflicts which occur within or between countries, relate to how humans create, shape and interact with their natural and social environments. Solutions to these problems will come from insights generated from a number of different disciplines.

Bridging the gap between the natural and social sciences, our Human Sciences programme allows you to combine exciting disciplines to make connections between biological processes, social patterns and political and environmental issues. It will enable you to understand relationships between science and policy and show how you may be able to facilitate decision-making in this context. In an increasingly interdisciplinary world, many employers highly value the skills and ability of employees to work and excel in multidisciplinary environments.

Human Sciences video

Staff and students discuss the BA/BSc Human Sciences programme. View full size.