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Discuss it

Support is available to all staff and students who have experienced inappropriate behaviour, and we would encourage any staff or students in this position to access support to discuss what they have experienced.

If the incident happened to someone else rather than yourself, encourage the recipient to access support and discuss what happened.

Dignity and Respect Advisors

The University's Network of Dignity and Respect Advisors are trained members of staff who provide a confidential and informal service to any staff or students involved in cases of harassment. Advisors can listen, talk through the options available and, if appropriate signpost to other sources of support and advice.

Care first

Care first provides free confidential, impartial advice and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to staff and PhD students. Counselling can also be accessed via Care first.

Additional support for staff

Staff may wish to consider the support available from:

Additional support for students

Students may wish to consider the support available from:

Support for staff or Students