How to apply

How to apply

Are you applying for accommodation? Please remember:

  • Undergraduate students - applications are not processed in date order as long as you apply by the guarantee deadline.
  • Postgraduate students - the accommodation process begins once your course offer has been accepted and, if necessary, a deposit has been paid to secure your academic place.

To create an application for accommodation or to activate your accommodation account, please click the link below:


Before applying, you may wish to consider the information below:

  Stage 1                

Student creates an accommodation account online.

For Entry in September 2023 applications for new students will open from 09:00 on Monday 3 April 2023.

Please use a personal email address which you will have access to until you arrive at University.

A school/college email address is not advisable because these are often closed down in the summer.

International agents who may be applying on behalf of a student will need to use a unique email address for each student.

Stage 2

Student creates and submits an application from and receives an email confirmation with an application number.

You are able to save your application throughout the process but please ensure that once you are happy with your application that you click on ‘submit’. We will only consider applications that are submitted so please ensure that you complete the process and that you receive an application number.

Stage 3 University sends an offer of accommodation

Our When will I hear? page gives details about when we will process your application and send you an offer.

An offer will be sent to you by email. The email will prompt you to login to your accommodation account to review the offer.

Please ensure that you read the full terms and conditions of the accommodation agreement.

There will be an expiry date for the offer of between 3-5 days.

If you do not wish to accept the offer, you can contact the Accommodation Team to confirm if there is an alternative offer which may be made to you, subject to availability. If you decide to reject the offer, you may need to seek alternative accommodation in the City.

Stage 4 Student accepts the offer of accommodation If you decide to accept the offer, you complete the on-line process.
Stage 5 University sends 'Contract Formation Email' A legally binding contract has now been formed with the University.

You can track your application via your accommodation account.

From late July onwards, those students who have a legally binding contract for the next academic year will receive a separate email to advise them complete the online eInduction and book an arrival time. Please read our arrival page for information about what you need to do prior to your arrival.

Undergraduate students only - If your academic place is not confirmed after you receive your results, we will automatically decline your application and it will not be processed. If you subsequently take up an academic place at Exeter, for example through Clearing, you will need to contact us to reactivate your application.

Before you apply for accommodation you will need to:

  • Accept an academic offer and make the University of Exeter your firm choice - undergraduate students only.
  • Pay your tuition fee deposit - postgraduate students only.
  • Know your University of Exeter Student ID Number (see the information given below).
  • Have a valid email account/address which you will be able to access after your arrival at university. Do not use your current school/college/University email address as these may become inactive when you leave.
  • Read and understand which students are guaranteed accommodation.
  • Search our accommodation options and decide which residences to apply for.

This will be quoted in the information sent by the University after you firmly accepted our offer of academic place. You may see it quoted as your 'Exeter Student number'.

Undergraduates: This is different from your UCAS number. 
Returners: This is the number on your University card.

Please add to your safe contacts, particularly if you are using an @hotmail or @live email address, so our emails don’t go to your junk/spam folder.

If you have difficulties applying online please contact us.


If you have Exeter as your insurance or clearing choice, you can apply when your University offer is confirmed. Once it is please apply as soon as possible.

We allocate accommodation after results are received and offers become firm with the University.

Please refer to our 'Applying after the guarantee' webpage for further information.

Medical support

The University recognises that some students may have particular accommodation requirements – for example, relating to a disability or health issue – which may best be met through living in a University residence.

You will need to liaise with our AccessAbility/Wellbeing Services Team, complete an online questionnaire and submit supporting evidence. Please be advised that without supporting evidence your application will be not be processed for the specific accommodation you have requested or room adaptions i.e. a fridge in your room.

If you require a room in University accommodation for a welfare reason for all of your academic programme, this will not automatically be allocated to you and you will need to apply each academic year for accommodation.

Read our 'Arranging Accommodation Adjustments' blog post (25 February 2020) from guest blogger Ellen Gibbins who works with Wellbeing Services at the University of Exeter. She has plenty of useful advice for students who have a medical or wellbeing requirement and are making their application for accommodation, along with outlining the support that our Accessbility/Wellbeing teams can provide whilst at university.


If you are currently an INTO student and progressing to the first year of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, please apply as a new undergraduate or postgraduate.

If you are an INTO student who will enter the second year of a programme, you will not be considered within our accommodation guarantee and are unlikely to be allocated to university accommodation. We recommend searching for private housing within the city.

Deferred applicants

If you have deferred entry at the University of Exeter, applications for accommodation are taken from mid-April of your year of entry. You may apply to live in University owned, managed or approved accommodation when applications open and will fall within our accommodation guarantee. A formal offer of accommodation will be sent to you in June prior to the start of the academic year when you commence study so making an application before mid-May is advisable.

Please note that although we advise early application, your first choice of accommodation will not be guaranteed and allocation is made to residences on a random basis*.  Our aim is to allocate deferred students across our residences and there is no one residence specifically reserved for students who have deferred.

*Please see our room allocation procedure for further information on how we allocate rooms.

Care Leavers and Care Experienced

If you are a care leaver or meet our care experienced definition then we understand that you may require additional information to help you make your accommodation choices and we are happy to discuss individual requirements.

For care leavers and care experienced living within the local area who have an offer to study at the University of Exeter, a support meeting will be arranged by the University's named contact for care leavers and care experienced and this will include looking into your accommodation options.

Once your accommodation needs have been established, the University's named contact for care leavers and care experienced will liaise with the Accommodation Office to try and secure appropriate accommodation, including 365-day accommodation, should this be required.