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Accommodation in Exeter

Private Accommodation

Whether you are starting your university journey or looking for accommodation after your first year in residences, these pages will give you useful information on private accommodation options in Exeter. 

There are lots of options in and around Exeter, for students looking for accommodation as a group, an individual or for those with families. We also have helpful information for students and staff looking to relocate to the area.

Our student accommodation is not suitable for us to be able to house students with children which means that any student bringing partners and dependants will need to seek private accommodation.

Currently, the demand for accommodation suitable for families in the South West of England exceeds the supply available and securing accommodation will be difficult, take time to find and be expensive.

Therefore, we would recommend that you do not bring dependants with you to Exeter unless you have secured accommodation.

Please be aware that if you accept a single room in university accommodation or in the private sector, even if you would like to move out to find suitable family accommodation, you will remain responsible for full payment for the accommodation until the end of contract. The Guild Advice team can check your private accommodation contract before you sign it.

Useful Contacts

The following contacts can provide advice on finding housing, issues with landlords or housemates, and support once you are living in Exeter.

Please note that due to limited capacity in University accommodation, you'll need to move out after your first year, unless you have circumstances such as medical needs.