Being a mentor has given me the opportunity to work as part of a great team and make new lifelong friends. The satisfaction of knowing that you are helping other students is something I really enjoy and is really special. Mentoring has also helped me improve my overall confidence, as well as providing me with new experiences and skills which I can use once I graduate. Definitely recommend it!

Past Residence Life Mentor

Residence Life Team

Welcome to Exeter!

The Residence Life Team is part of the wider welfare department at the University and are here to provide support, guidance and advice to students living in University accommodation.

Each accommodation is assigned a peer-support Residence Life Mentor who hosts 2 virtual drop-ins a week. To find your Mentors drop-in times and zoom links, please click here. Our Mentor drop-ins are only available in term-time. 

We understand that living in student accommodation is a unique experience and can bring new challenges, so we have various channels of support available to our students to help with any questions or concerns that they may be having. We also run a programme of social events to help build community within our residences. 

Explore the tabs below to learn who we are and what we can help you with. 

‌N.B. We will always treat your personal information with sensitivity and respect. Please read our confidentiality statement below for further information.

Contact Us

Although we cannot see you in person this year, Residence Life are still here for you. 

  • For general enquiries or to request a virtual appointment with a member of our staff please email us at
  • You can also reach us via Messenger on our Facebook page if you have any queries: @ExeterResLife
  • Our Instant Chat function via the button below where you can talk live to a member of our team between 1800 and 2100 everynight. 
  • Our Residence Life Mentors (peer-support volunteers) host weekly zoom drop ins during term times. 

You can follow everything that we are up to- including updates about our programme of social events- by following our social media pages. 

We can help with any practical questions about your accommodation, worries about living with others, flat disputes, questions about living in Exeter and health and welfare concerns.

Please note: We will endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible – our usual working hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm. For any urgent enquiries, please call Estate Patrol on 01392 723999. In an emergency, please call 999.

Meet the Team

The Residence Life Team sits under the welfare department and is responsible for providing support to students in university residences. The team has multiple roles in which to do this. 

Residence Life Mentors

Our Residence Life Mentors are experienced students who have a wealth of knowledge about what it is like to live and study here at Exeter. They host twice weekly zoom drop-ins where you can meet with them to ask any questions that you may have, or if you just want a friendly face to talk to. Our Mentors also host a range of social events to help build community within our university residences. 

Each Mentor is assigned to an area of halls and hosts two virtual drop-in sessions a week for residents to chat to them. To find out who your Mentor is and their drop-in times and Zoom links, please click here.


Residence Life Coordinators

The Residence Life Coordinators are full-time members of staff in the Residence Life Department. They help the Mentors with their role, as well as support students with more challenging circumstances. The Coordinators are available to set up virtual meetings with students to discuss any concerns that they may be having about anything. You can contact the Residence Life Coordinators via Their working hours are between 1500 and 2300 and will endeaver to reply to enquires made outwith these times as soon as possible. 


Residence Life Support Officers 

Our Support Officers are experienced students who monitor the live chat feature on our webpage where you can ask questions live to a member of our team. The chat is monitored between 1800 and 2100 everyday.


Residence Life Advisors

The Residence Life Advisors oversee the Residence Life Team and are responsible for overseeing the welfare of students in Residences.





We understand that it is a challenging to be a students and therefore we as a team host a programme of social events to help facilitate meeting other students within university halls and to build community, even if that is digitally at the moment.

Most of our events are hosted by our Residence Life Mentors who are brilliant and love meeting new people. 

Some of our most popular events are our International student drop-ins, our Postgraduate chill out and our Gaming nights. 

Follow our social media to keep up to date with everything that we are up to and check our calendar for all the joining details:

If you have any ideas for events that you would like to see us run please do get in touch and let us know! 

What we help with

Living in university residences can sometimes be a challenging time for students, whether it is a students first time away from home, or the first time living here in Exeter. The Residence Life Team are here to help students have an enjoyable experience of their time with us, and can help with a range of different concerns that students may have.

  • Flatmate issues or conflicts
  • Harassment and bullying concerns 
  • Accessing further wellbeing support
  • Second year housing concerns  
  • Friendly and empathetic listening ear
  • Academic concerns  
  • Advice about student life: our Mentors are a great source for this although our staff also have a wealth of experience of university life.

If you raise a concern with us and it is not in our remit to help you we will signpost or refer you to the appropriate department to ensure you receive the answer you require.




We are currently recruiting for our 2021/22 cohort of Residence Life Mentors! 

You can access the job advert, job description and link to the application process via this link: 

Any questions about the role or the application please email us at

Why be a Residence Life Mentor? 

As a Mentor you would be responsible for welcoming and supporting a group of students living in University accommodation, helping them to have a positive experience, and empowering them to resolve any problems.

  • It is a great way to learn more about the university and the different services that are available to students.
  • An opportunity to use your existing skills, experiences as a student, and personal passions to make a difference to others in the student community 
  • Ongoing training and proffessional development- a great addition to a graduate CV.

Are you eligible?

  • A friendly, approachable, non-judgemental and supportive person, keen to help others settle into University life.
  • Excellent at communicating with a wide range of people.
  • Willing to develop your skills and be a proactive member of the Residence Life Team
  • A full-time student at the University and able to be present in Exeter throughout all three terms of the academic year.
  • You do not need to have studied at Exeter previously to be eligible, but should have experience of University life and living in student accommodation.


Confidentiality statement

We understand that it can be difficult to trust other people with matters which may be deeply private. We will always treat your personal information with sensitivity and respect, and we regard this information (especially any concerns or problems you raise with us) as confidential unless you tell us otherwise. 

Residence Life Team members work closely with each other as part of a team. In order to provide continuity of support (we work on a rota basis), and to ensure that we are providing the best support we can, we may need to share information between team members. This information is only shared on a need-to-know basis.

Passing information to other people

We will not pass on any personal or sensitive information about you (including information about your studies, or your address in residence) to your family or friends unless we have your permission. 

If family or friends contact us with questions about you, we will only discuss general topics with them (for example, giving details of support services available to help students) unless we have your permission to talk about your specific circumstances. 

We work very closely with other services providing support to students. Sometimes we may need to talk to a professional about your situation – for example, to make sure we are meeting your support needs, or to get advice on further help available to you. We are often able to do this on an anonymous basis, but if we need to pass on your details, we will seek your permission first wherever possible.

We do not routinely pass information you share with us to your tutors or anyone in your Academic College. If we are concerned that your studies are being affected by a personal issue, we will discuss this with you and seek your permission to advise your College that you may be in need of additional support. Where appropriate we are involved in the Health, Wellbeing & Fitness to Study Procedure

Exceptions to confidentiality

Very rare exceptions to confidentiality occur when:

  • We have good reason to believe that you or others may be at risk of serious harm.
  • We believe that you have committed or intend to commit a serious crime, or are required to provide information to the police as part of an investigation.
  • A member of the team would be liable to civil or criminal court procedures if information was not disclosed.

Wherever possible, we will discuss this with you before taking any further steps. Information passed on in these circumstances is kept to a minimum and only disclosed to relevant people on a need-to-know basis. 

Record keeping

We keep computer-based records of any issues you raise with us, so we can ensure that we have responded appropriately and provided the support you need. All personal and sensitive data that we hold is processed according to GDPR requirements.

The team also keeps records on our level of student contact. We use these records to produce statistical data on our service. No information about individual students is identifiable in this data.

Student Disciplinary Procedure

Members of the Residence Life Team have a role within the University’s Disciplinary Procedure – information relating to disciplinary matters will be passed on as detailed in the procedure. 


If you would like to discuss any queries relating to this statement, please contact