Living in the city

Living in private accommodation in the city, whether it is in purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) or a shared house or flat, will be the next step after staying in the University residences in your first year. For some of you, it will be an exciting experience but for others it may feel rather daunting to not have the security of the University on your doorstep. This page is to advise that you are not alone and there is still support provided. 

The University in the Community pages have been put in place by Rory Cunningham (Community Liason Officer) to provide information and guidance to students living and socialising off-campus, permanent local residents and landlords.

Community Engagement Team

The Community Engagement Officers encourage the integration of students as active citizens. Student Wardens work closely with the Students’ Guild, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and Exeter City Council to support fellow students living off campus.

There are two Student Community Engagement teams, with five in each team. The Exeter East Team and the Exeter West Team provide a supportive presence to students living across the wards of St James, St David's, Pennsylvania, Newtown and Polsloe. They wear branded 'Community Engagement Team' jackets and polo shirts and are always available to chat.

To find out more about the Community Engagement Team, please visit their webpage.

Staying safe in the city

Are you a prospective student or a parent, perhaps living abroad and wonder what Exeter city is like? Take a look our video featuring international students who talk about their experience of living in Exeter. 

Our Campus Safety Guide also has handy tips on staying safe whilst out and about.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary want to let students know that there are some simple, basic precautions for students to follow in order to take control of their own safety. The risk of suffering from violence or aggression is thankfully very low but students do need to be careful, especially when they are in a new environment with new people.  We advise students to check the Personal Safety flyer.

Useful contacts

For contact information, please visit the University in the Community contact pages.


Take a look below for some useful videos created by our Student Community Wardens which provide advice on living in the city.

The video below provides information and advice from our Student Community Wardens on noise levels.

If you're unsure which bins need to go out and when, then take a look at the below video for information. If you still have questions, feel free to contact our Student Community Warden Team:

If you are living in the city this year, why not take the time to introduce yourself to the community and meet your neighbours? See advice and tips below:

We are a sustainable university and we encourage students who choose to live in the city to leave their cars at home. There is also a lack of parking in Exeter. If you do choose to bring a car to the city, this video has some advice to help you do so in a legal and considerate way.