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Buy Barisca Coffee Co.

The bespoke Barisca UoE 2019 blend and the House range are available on campus to enjoy in your coffee today, from the Innovation Centre Cafe, La Touche Cafe, Barisca at the Peter Chalk Centre or Cross Keys at St Luke's.

Buy the beans - ground or whole - from the Market Place shops on campus in 250g or 500g bags. Or University staff members can add a bag of BARiSCA coffee to a Click and Collect office essentials order from Fresh Ideas.

Barisca Coffee Co. Environmental Commitments

One of the main drivers in introducing our own coffee brand to the University was to invest in a sustainable and responsible coffee supply. We put Fairtrade at the heart of our sourcing and work with likeminded local coffee experts to bring the best products to the University, without compromising on environmental credentials.

All the drinks in the Barisca Coffee Co. range are Fairtrade. Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

Farmers will be guaranteed a price before the crop comes out, meaning that farmers can make their own decisions, control their future and lead the dignified life everyone deserves.

Premium Blend

The premium blend is sourced through our local coffee roaster partners and consists of 3 Fairtrade certified coffees, meaning that a percentage of turnover is paid back to Fairtrade, to be passed onto the Farmers. This supports projects that can help communities, be it better infrastructure, processing plants or schools.  Through these projects, farmers can improve the quality of their coffee and ultimately receive more money for their work in the long run.

In addition to this, our roasting partners are regularly audited to ensure full traceability of their products.


House blend

A deep, intense coffee with a full body and lasting taste, the source of our quality house blend is Costa Rica. This Fairtrade certified product is 100% ethically sourced, allowing us to bring a credible, certified and traceable brand to the University community.

Premium blend

Our bespoke UoE 2019 blend consists of Fairtrade beans from Brazil, Columbia and India, which are hand roasted just 25 miles away on the edge of Dartmoor by local coffee experts. As passionate about coffee and sustainability as we are, our roasting partner can boast the following environmental achievements:

  • The first and currently only coffee roasters in Devon or Cornwall to use 100% biodegradable, home-use packaging.
  • Giving away the by-product from roasting, which is the light skin from the coffee bean, to two local gardener companies and other members of the public.
  • Where their products need to be couriered they use a carbon neutral company.
  • All invoices, marketing materials and other paperwork is printed on recycled paper using natural inks.
  • Investing in a circular composting system where if required, they will collect the packaging from their wholesale customers to compost in their composting facility in Devon.


Our environmental commitments go beyond the sourcing of our Barisca coffee beans.

We continue to stock KeepCups in all our outlets and have recently introduced Barisca branded Husk Up cups, made entirely from rice husk.

Our 25p extra charge for a reusable cup continues to see an increase in customers using our crockery or their own reusable cup. In 2018 alone we saw a 49% increase in the use of KeepCups in our outlets.

Bags of our used coffee grounds are now available free of charge to customers from our outlets, for use in the garden and home.

Giving our used coffee grounds a second life

A by-product of our delicious Fairtrade Barisca coffee is the spent grounds. We’re giving them a second life by encouraging customers to collect a bag, free of charge, for use in the garden or at home.

So rather than the grounds go to waste, pick up your FREE bag from one of our outlets and enjoy some of the benefits of the by-product.

There are lots of imaginative uses for coffee grounds around the garden and home - Find out more.

Share your spent grounds success stories!

Post your most imaginative and successful uses with our spent coffee grounds on Instagram - @BariscaCoffeeCo - and tag #BariscaLife

Our quest to become ever more sustainable is ongoing. Working with our supply chain partners, our shared long term goals are to:

  • Optimise and reduce the use of natural resources
  • Drive responsible growing and sourcing practices, as well as improving conservation
  • Improve conservation in coffee growing regions
  • Continue to use the knowledge and facilities of local experts

On our campuses we will soon be trialling new sustainable in initiatives, one being offering bags of used coffee grounds to customers for use on their gardens at home.