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Budgets and costing events

Preparing a budget

Here are two example budget templates for different types of events (see Documents section on this page), however if you need more advice when preparing a budget please contact

If you are preparing a research grant application or conference/event hosting proposal and are unsure about costings, we are happy to advise at this stage.

Securing funding and budget codes

Once you have secured funding, please consider the following:

  • It may be necessary for the University to underwrite your event budget (e.g. if you are incurring costs before generating income). Please speak to your Faculty or Service Finance Manager for approval
  • Once your budget has been agreed you will need to contact your departmental finance team to setup cost codes in order to raise purchase orders and spend against the budget

Raising purchase orders and managing income / expenditure

To raise purchase orders or invoices, please refer to your Faculty or Service Finance support team. General advice on raising purchase orders is available through the Finance Services website.

We advise updating the budget template with each purchase and all income, and eventually cross-checking this with a finance report for your project code.