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Planning an event

Initial considerations:

  • What are the event aims and objectives? It may be helpful to complete a simple Event planning checklist
  • What is your budget, and who is paying for the event? See our budget and costing section for more information
  • What will the agenda look like? Our Agenda template may be useful for small meetings and workshops.
  • When will the event take place? Is this likely to suit most attendees? For example, will people with childcare commitments be able to attend?
  • How many people are you likely to invite? How many do you need to attend to break even? 
  • The Speaker Information Form may be useful when contacting speakers as many will have different requirements for travel, IT equipment, etc.
  • All events with external speakers must carry out a Prevent risk assessment
  • Where your event is likely to involve logistical planning (i.e. beyond a simple workshop or meeting), organisers are advised to refer to the Event Management Standard, particularly the Pre-event planning checklist and Pre-event planning checklist for online events
  • Inclusivity at events – please note that the University is subject to the Equality Act 2010 and considerations should be made to ensure that those staff and students with parenting and/or caring responsibilities are able to attend