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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most by staff about the ‘Exe-Change the Norm’ programme.

The Exeter 'Exe-Change the Norm' bystander intervention programme has been developed using research and knowledge from sector leading academics, as well as making continual adjustments based on student feedback. 

This bystander intervention training, which is available across all campuses, consists of a single 2-hour in-person session with follow up supporting resources. The training workshop looks at how to be an effective active bystander across a range of settings, but in particular, situations where sexism, sexual violence and racist behaviour could be seen.  

Part of Exeter University’s current strategic vision is to build a fair, socially just and inclusive society. Bystander training is one of the integral building blocks to reach that vision, raising awareness of important subject matter and providing skills to safely intervene when necessary.

For students - the Bystander Intervention programme is a one, 2-hour session delivered face-to-face.  

The session covers the following:



  • Defining who is a bystander and how to move from being passive to active


  • Identifying the four psychological stages to intervention


  • Recognise the different ways we can intervene. With perpetrators, with victims or engaging allies


  • Identifying strategies and approaches for early intervention


  • Positively contribute to situations


  • Identify and practise intervention and supporting techniques


Please look at our webpage for further details. However, if you would like to know more, have any questions (particularly before signposting the training to students) or would like to book training for your team – please don’t hesitate to email  


The staff session includes the following:


•The Bystander Approach


•Inequalities and micro aggressions


•Micro affirmations


•Tools to intervene well



Due to the nature of the content, the training is delivered face to face as we want to ensure people feel comfortable having open discussions and sharing their thoughts with peers. The session provides a safe and inclusive space to explore these topics through encouraging a person-centred approach, whilst imparting skills and knowledge based on positive framing. This means, we create an open environment that celebrates individuals’ qualities and enables non-judgmental practice of Bystander Intervention. It also allows room to discuss any misunderstandings or misconceptions around race, sexual violence and what skilful and safe intervention can look like.

Yes, however there is limited resource. If you are interested in the training for you or your team, please get in touch via 

All undergraduate students can sign up to these sessions through Handshake.

All postgraduate students can book onto the training by contacting

Not only do they become a more inclusive and considerate member of Exeter’s student community, but if they complete the whole programme, they gain skills and strategies in defusing potentially harmful situations. From a personal development perspective, they can also use a training session they have attended as the personal development aspect for the Exeter Award.


Students can complete the session throughout the academic year. Students need to check Handshake to see when the next available training session is on their campus. If they cannot find the session, they are looking for please ask them to email  


Each session is 2 hours long with the whole programme being a total of 6 hours. There is no requirement for students to complete this within one academic year, but it will best facilitate learning to attend the sessions as close together as possible.  

A trained facilitator working for Exeter University solely to deliver bystander training. The Exe-Change the Norm programme has been written specifically with Exeter University in mind.