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Inclusive Learning and Teaching

Inclusive teaching encompasses a range of practices that, cumulatively, create a learning environment that is accessible to all students, fosters their continued engagement equally, facilitates openness to different ways of thinking and being, and overtly values individual differences. In such an environment, both teachers and students are aware of, and work to counteract, assumptions and biases; this allows them to strive for transparency and foster accountability. As a result, all learners feel respected and therefore supported in their intellectual and personal growth – and all teachers benefit from the opportunity to learn from and alongside their students.

To support educators in providing an inclusive learning experience to all students, the Academic Development team has created a tailored suite of inclusive teaching resources within the Education Toolkit. You will find, for example, a quick guide to inclusive curriculum, and a checklist for inclusive teaching. You can also access the bespoke guidance created for the institution by Advance HE as part of their ‘Towards Embedding EDI in the Curriculum’ (TEEDIC) project.

If you need support with ensuring that your teaching and/or learning support activities are inclusive, please contact the Academic Development team for assistance