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Exe-Change the Norm

Exe-Change the Norm

Exe-Change the Norm

Exe-Change the Norm

The Exeter 'Exe-Change the Norm' bystander intervention programme has been developed using research and knowledge from sector leading academics, as well as making continual adjustments based on student feedback. 

This bystander intervention training, which is available across all campuses, consists of a single 2-hour in-person session with follow up supporting resources. The training workshop looks at how to be an effective active bystander across a range of settings, but in particular, situations where sexism, sexual violence and racist behaviour could be seen.  

The session provides a safe and inclusive space to explore these topics through encouragaging a person-centred approach, whilst imparting skills and knowledge based on positive framing. 'Exe-Change the Norm' is tailored to students both in terms of pedagogy and content (including language, examples and contextual scenarios)

The training is a great opportunity to ask questions and understand the importance of why we should all continue to work towards intervening when harmful behaviours are being shown.




What does the session cover?



How can I book on to the training? 

You can book on all sessions via Handshake and search for ‘bystander training’ in the event search bar. 

If you are currently a PGR Student, then you can currently book on to training through this link or by emailing  


What does the Bystander programme count towards?  

Apart from the all-important new skills, knowledge and behaviours – The Bystander programme can count towards the Exeter award. One of the Bystander sessions can be used as the personal development session for these awards.  


If you have any questions, email us at

Please click the following link for the ongoing internal and external support available. Elevate Support and Signposting

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a student, please click HERE

If you are a member of staff, please click HERE

Sexual assault
Coffee shop

A group of males are in coffee shop, leering over a girl. They are competing with each other on who will be the first to inappropriately grope her.

Sexual violence
Exam chat

Group of friends texting after exam, someone uses the phrase “totally raped me” to describe the exam.

Labs social

A group of students are texting about a social event, someone excludes another student because they don’t drink and comments ‘they can’t understand them anyway’

Where are you from?

Group of people doing introductions, when someone replies to the question “where are you from?” they are met with the follow up question, “but where are you really from?”