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Research Seminar: Soo Yim

Soo Yim: “International” students at an “international” UK university…?

“International” students at an “international” UK university…?

Event details

This session is intended to be less of a talk and more of a forum for discussion around how “international” students are identified and characterised in our university context, where internationalisation has become a buzzword of educational strategy. Based on my own experience of being an “international” student and then working closely with “international” students in an EAP/EGAP/ESAP context for over 10 years, the session aims to initiate some meaningful discussion and reflection from a language perspective. Current literature and case studies of other university settings will inform the arguments presented. The main points of discussion include:

-        What is internationalisation?: Definitions, understandings and applications in and beyond the university context

-        EAP for ALL in the name of inclusivity?: How to address the very real challenges (linguistic and other) of "international" students without adopting the language/approach of a deficit model

-        The other buzzwords diversity and inclusivity: Intersections of “international” students, BAME and WP

I am hoping it will be a lively (chaotic) and thought-provoking discussion. 


Baring Court 217