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CRPL Research Methods Seminar Series - Vicky Yiran Zhao (Cambridge) - COVID-19 and Children’s Play

Event details

COVID-19 and Children’s Play

The COVID pandemic has restricted children’s opportunities to play with their peers. Increasingnumber of studies have suggested the negative impacts of limited peer interactions on children’s mental health. However, there is yet to be a largescale longitudinal study that examined the effects of peer play in early years over children’s long-term mental health while controlling for highly influential biological and environmental risk factors. Therefore, the presentation will explore the theoretical underpinnings behind the protective effects of peer play and discuss some preliminary empirical results as well as their implications.


About the Speaker

Vicky Yiran Zhao is a PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. She is a member in the Centre for Research on Play in Education Development And Learning (PEDAL). Her research focuses on the relations between play in early years and children’s long-term language and psychosocial development.