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Let's Talk About....Series: "Me and White Supremacy" by Layla F Saad

by Dr Musarrat Maisha Reza

We started off a Book Club last term, with the aim of raising awareness about issues around racism, white privilege, white supremacy, unconscious bias, microaggressions and other pressing and urgent topics and are now rebranding it to ‘Let’s Talk About… Series’ to highlight the interactive and engaging nature of these meetings as well as encourage more open conversations.

Event details

By popular demand, this month we will continue discussing the Book- ‘Me and White Supremacy’ by Layla F Saad, day 8 to day 13. The topics include colour blindness, anti-blackness, racist stereotypes and cultural appropriation. The book is available in the Exeter Library as an e-book:
Some of our students and staff have volunteered to be panellists and start off the discussions on these topics and everyone is more than welcome to provide their perspectives, ideas, experiences and add on to the discussion in an open and safe space.
Do join us for a fruitful and meaningful conversation. See you there!
For further information or interest in joining the panel, please contact:
Organizer: Dr Musarrat Maisha Reza