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IBCS seminar - Nicola Pirastu

Using genetics to understand the factors driving food choices and their impact on health

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Food liking are the first factors driving people’s food choices. As all complex traits, they are the result of the interaction between our genetic make-up and the experience we make every day in our life. Despite the importance biology and genetics exert in their definition little attention has been given to understanding how genetic variation contributes to determining interindividual differences in food liking, with studies limited either to specific genes (ie. taste receptors) or foods (ie. coriander or cinnamon). During my talk I will present the results of the research we have been conduction on the genetics of a wide variety of  foods and drinks liking and how this knowledge is giving us unprecedented insight on the relationships between them and their underlying biology.


Nicola Pirastu is a Chancellor’s Fellow at the Usher Institute. His work since he graduated in Biology has been focused in understanding the genetic bases of complex traits.
Although his work spans over many different areas, his main focus has been in using genetics to understand the factors underlying food choices and to understand the effects of diet on health.