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Daniel Geschwind IBCS seminar - Developmental origins of neuropsychiatric conditions (UCLA)

IBCS Seminar

Bio Dr. Geschwind is the Gordon and Virginia MacDonald Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics, Neurology and Psychiatry at UCLA. In his capacity as Senior Associate Dean and Associate Vice Chancellor of Precision Health, he founded and leads the Institute for Precision Health (IPH) at UCLA, where he oversees campus precision health initiatives. Dr. Geschwind is a pioneer in the functional genomic analyses of the nervous system. His laboratory showed that gene co-expression has a reproducible network structure that can be used to understand neurobiological mechanisms in health and disease. Dr. Geschwind has also been an early and persistent advocate for data sharing, having developed several resources housing patient genetic and phenotype data, including the Autism Genetic Resource Exchange (AGRE) and currently is the chair of the PsychENCODE consortium. He is the Co-Chair of the Genetics and Genomics Section of the Faculty of 1000 and serves on the editorial boards of Cell, Neuron

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