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Speaker: Professor Keith Topping (Dundee University) Title: Peer Tutoring in Reading and Mathematics in Primary School: Randomised Controlled Trials and Scaling Up

Keith will report on the Fife Peer Learning Project a randomised controlled trial in which 128 primary schools participated.

Schools were allocated a condition: cross-age vs. same-age tutoring; light vs intensive tutoring; reading vs. maths vs. reading and maths. The project lasted two years with the same children in Year 2 but generally with different teachers, so the pupils were key to carrying tutoring forward. Subsequently the University of Durham established a Maths tutoring project which intended to scale up the project (to which Keith is a consultant). Four local authorities are implementing tutoring (Medway, Worcestershire, Leeds and Durham), again over two years. Local co-ordinators are responsible for training and monitoring teachers, while the university has trained the co-ordinators. Results will be available soon! Meanwhile there is a peer tutoring page on TES Pro which has registered over 13,000 hits from teachers.

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Professor_Keith_Topping.pdfProfessor Keith Topping's Biography, Title and Abstract (279K)
Professor_Keith_Topping_Fife_Peer_Tutoring_Project_Bibliography.pdfProject Bibliography (55K)
Professor_Keith_Topping.pdfProfessor Keith Topping's Powerpoint Presentation (2706K)


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