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IBCS Seminar - Mikhail Spivakov

Title: Probing the logic of enhancer-promoter communication

This event will be held by Zoom

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Transcriptional enhancers play key roles in gene control, underlie both rare and common diseases, and yet many serious aberrations at enhancers show little to know phenotype. Enhancers can localise up to megabases away from the gene promoters they regulate, typically coming into their physical proximity through chromosomal looping. In his lab they have used a combination of experimental and computational approaches to study enhancer-promoter communication, capitalising in particular on high-resolution Capture Hi-C. Mikhail will summarise findings over the years and present some recent unpublished work.

This event will be held online and can be accessed via this link :-

Bio: Mikhail graduated from Department of Biology at Moscow State University in 2002 and moved to London to do a PhD with Amanda Fisher and Matthias Merkenschlager at MRC Clinical Sciences Centre (Imperial College). His PhD projects investigated chromatin events underlying cell differentiation, and about half of his work was ‘wet-lab’ and half computational.  Mikhail then joined EMBL on an Interdisciplinary Fellowship to work with Ewan Birney (EMBL-EBI, near Cambridge) and Eileen Furlong (EMBL Heidelberg) on the regulatory organization of cardiac enhancers. At EMBL, he also contributed to the ENCODE project, studying the population genetics of transcription factor binding sites. In addition, Mikhail has been involved in the establishment of a population genomics resource in medaka fish.