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Seminar - African Ways of Knowing: Embodiment through Participatory Music Making

Event details

African Ways of Knowing:  Embodiment through Participatory Music Making 

2:30-4:30pm 14th July 2022 at EMS G27 St Luke's Campus

You are invited for an interactive seminar that explores an approach to knowledge creation, production and storage through African participatory music making.  Our invited speaker, Blessing Chapfika from Hull University, will begin by outlining the philosophical frameworks underpinning this approach.  His PhD titled ‘Towards an African Philosophy of Education’ expounds on African ways of thinking and being and how that can be realised in Education.  The principles highlighted in that presentation will provide the foundation upon which new ways of thinking can be further discussed.  

It will be followed by an experiential session by Nancy Katingima Day, a PhD student at the Graduate School of Education.  Her research explores how the African philosophical framework is realised in participatory music making.  In particular, the role of embodiment in creating but embedding knowledge through musical stylistic devises will be practiced and discussed.  No prior musical knowledge is required for this session.  

There is provision for online attendance through zoom, but in-person attendance is highly recommended for a truly embodied experience.  Please contact Nancy at for registration (physical or virtual) and any further details.


EMS Building G27