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Positive Tipping Points in Practice: Student Activism

What are the positive tipping points for student activism in response to the climate crisis? How can we create and trigger them?

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Activism has been instrumental in achieving many of the most significant social transformations in history, but it is difficult to identify what makes activism successful or not.

Activism at the University of Exeter is a huge part of many students’ response to the climate crisis, and a mechanism to have a positive impact on how it will unfold now and in the future.

But what is the role of student activism at the University of Exeter? What can be learned from what has or hasn’t worked? How can we better understand the potential for student activism to tip the university into a new system?

Join this free workshop to find out, and hear the latest research into Positive Tipping Points, from world-leading experts. We will collectively practice using the Positive Tipping Points framework – creating the right conditions for change, finding reinforcing feedback loops, and triggering a shift into a new system – before identifying key next steps for student activism on climate at the University of Exeter.

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