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Green Futures: Positive Tipping Points in Practice: Climate-Positive Business

What are the tipping points for businesses to become climate positive? How can we create and trigger them?

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Businesses play a huge role in our collective response to the climate and ecological emergencies, and the demands of that role are growing all the time.

As a result of the commitments to systemic change by governments at COP26 in Glasgow, McKinsey described net zero as a ‘new organising principle for business.’ From reducing emissions within supply chains to both influencing and responding to changing public behaviour, via adopting more circular resource use models, the opportunities for and expectations of businesses are vast.

But these changes come with challenges, and many businesses cannot face them alone. We need wider systemic change to create the conditions in which a more climate-positive approach to business can thrive.

So what are the tipping points that will make climate-positive businesses the norm? What collective action will support more impactful actions? How can we better understand the potential for a wider shift in the way business relates to people and planet?

Join this free workshop to find out, and hear the latest research into Positive Tipping Points, from world-leading experts. We will collectively practice using the Positive Tipping Points framework – creating the right conditions for change, finding reinforcing feedback loops, and triggering a shift into a new system – before identifying key next steps for businesses wanting to become more climate-positive.

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