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Education Theory Reading Network

A platform for discussion centered around issues in education theory - all welcome

Event details

The next meeting of the Education Theory Reading Network will be on 25 April 1-2pm online – see link below.

Attached is a paper made up of answers from ChatGPT to several questions about some of the papers we have read in recent months on the Democracy and education theme.  The idea for this unusual paper came about after Paul Ernest ran a ChatGPT question on John Dewey. This has now been extended to several other questions:


How did Dewey change his views about democracy in education over the years? Give quotes with full APA references

Amy Gutmann presented a theory of democratic education in 1990 and updated them in 1998. She wrote that the aim of publicly mandated schooling is to cultivate the skills and virtues of deliberation. What criticisms have there been of these ideas since then?

Walter Feinberg analysed the idea of a public education in 2012. What have been the critical responses to these ideas over the last ten years?

Gutmann and Thompson have made the case for the value of compromise for the common good in a pluralist democracy. Are these ideas still valid in the 2020s?

We hope you find the ChatGPT answers illuminating and can join us to discuss the answers and the implications of this system for theoretical perspectives on education.